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  1. Makes no sense to take him out after two batters unless he is ill or injured. Anybody see what happened? I'm in the Tampa Bay area so ironically that's the only game I *can't* watch on MLB.tv.
  2. Announcers saying that it is a pectoral strain. Everything needs to be pain free with him to be dominant so hoping they will DL him for a while so I can put in an injury replacement. Like Rodon.
  3. I've watched Paxton dominate this Houston lineup three times already. Archer can as well, it's all about focus with him. No mistakes.
  4. I auto subbed him in for Kemp. He's been hot lately and watching him against my Pirates there are some encouraging signs on the base paths too.
  5. I watched, but not sure if I can add much to the line. He definitely had his swing and miss stuff, and looked confident. Every now and then he would make a mistake and give up a hit, but the control was definitely there. I'm happy.
  6. Actually, watching the game this was a very encouraging start. Paxton looked dominant at times, strikeouts were there. Seattle announcers said that he was looking much better / more comfortable and that his arm slot mechanics seemed to be fixed. He's still stretching out his pitch count, I believe, since the injury and he's going to have challenges the third time through the lineup just like everybody, but all in all I feel confident rolling him out there next time.
  7. Apparently Cody Allen suggested that Miller close for a while. Should be temporary.
  8. Article jinx? https://www.fanragsports.com/mlb/mariners/james-paxton-finds-perfect-time-break-mariners/
  9. What is wrong with Archer's ability, or lack thereof, to pitch to the game in order to generate a "W"? It seems like the moment he gets a lead, he blows it. I'm not asking much, my team doesn't need help with ERA or strikeouts, I just need a netW. Or at least stop undoing the strong efforts of the rest of my staff over a two day period (Stroman, Nova, Paxton).
  10. Let's not lose another quality start to a rain delay ..... c'mon Bejesus.
  11. All in - the last few weeks have definitely been promising.
  12. So what happened today? Anybody watching?
  13. Awful base running by the Jays this inning. How was that runner not at 3rd base when he left early on the base hit? Should have scored on the force out. It's a no decision.
  14. I don't mind the two runs, gives Osuna a save opportunity. Still in line for the win.
  15. At least he seemed healthy today, but is it the injury impacting the slow strikeout rate?
  16. Is this a typical opinion? I just stopped by to find out if there was an injury, since he is out on the lineup two days in a row. The redraft lists that have been recently adjusted still have him in the top 40 ROS.
  17. I drafted Hamels for one reason only, and that's for the GIDP category. And he was reliable, even as a ratio killer in other areas. Now I have to pay attention to that category when streaming. D'oh! Challenge accepted.
  18. Do the Pirates have any potential replacements? Chad Kuhl doesn't belong in the rotation either, but there he is. Nick Kingham is hurt and Drew Hutchison has an ERA of 5. I think Glasnow has a longer leash than we might think.
  19. He stays in my lineup because I drafted him for the GIDP category, but he sure is killer on the ratios.
  20. Naw, Dusty Baker just sucks. He'll show up soon, one day, after you have already set your lineups without him in it.
  21. No comments on his most recent outing? What went wrong?
  22. He is a good bet for 40 rbi's and 60 runs, so you are in luck. Plus stolen bases and batting average.
  23. No, he batted but he never took the field in the 5th game.
  24. I don't trust DeGrom ... would not take him for Paxton. I think the Mets have a coaching staff and front office that doesn't know how to handle or properly protect their starting pitching. It would take a top 15-20 hitter to wrest Paxton away from me right now. Putting out some feelers. I expect JPax to be an ace and a top pitcher next year as well, and for Tyler Glasnow to follow the same path 2-3 years from now. Flashes of brilliance, but it takes a while for these taller guys to refine their pitching arsenal and control at the MLB level.
  25. He is the starting shortstop, which is a return to his natural position. So five games in he will add SS eligibility depending on your league.
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