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  1. They had an OF injury (Grisham), and it was Profar that took it up. You'd either need two OFs to be out or Manny/Tatis.
  2. He was definitely struggling with velo in ST. He's started to look better and make adjustments. Definitely a gamble, but I think he becomes a solid player this year. Also insurance for Tatis.
  3. Ruh roh https://twitter.com/MarkZuckerman/status/1383791257290375171?s=19 Let's go Lopez/Miley. I just need one QS and some good K/BB ratio.
  4. He was always susceptible to that, but I agree something to watch for getting worse. 2ks in 6 ABs. Probably going to be an adjustment period, and likely no steals.
  5. Huh? Can't even bother with a search? Looks good to me https://twitter.com/Padres/status/1383268657715761155?s=19
  6. Tatis is back. Grisham is hitting well off the IL. Myers is back. Cronenworth is on fire. 1. Grisham 2. Tatis 3. Cronenworth 4. Machado 5. Hosmer 6. Myers 7. Profar 8. Campusano Time to see what they've got against the Dodgers.
  7. Kinda feeling lukewarm on this one. Lineups definitely lacks without him, but it just feels like the wrong decision. Aso a bit hard to trust Preller with medical info. You're not going to get what you want in a trade. Tough decision.
  8. Saw no thread on him, and really not much anywhere. In the 20s on various Braves prospect lists. He hasn't been great, with suspect k rates and walk rates, but looked really good yesterday. 5IP 1 BB, 5Ks 2 hits 0 ER His fastball spin rate is up a bit, velo up a tick, and slider spin rate up a couple hundred rpm. Worth a shot? Any Braves fans have insight on him vs. Bryse?
  9. Also because akiyama is on the IL too. Its gonna be a log jam when he's healthy.
  10. You're all acting like he died. Conforto had surgery, and returned to levels higher than before surgery, right? I don't see why Tatis wouldn't be the same case. Maybe he's done for the year and struggles a bit early next year due to lost offseason time, but its a 14 year contract. He's super young. He'll be back to superstar status before his mid-20s.
  11. I'm torn on starting alzolay. His stuff is wicked and the brewers have been k'ing like crazy. His command isn't strong though. I'm thinking of starting in a head to head league and not in a yearly to protect ratios.
  12. Ill distract myself from the Tatis disaster with Puk looking good (albeit a bit wild) against the dodgers. 3.1 IP so far, 1 hit and 4 Ks. Only hitting 94, but not bad.
  13. It looked like his shoulder popped on a violent swing. It was his left, which is the "bad" one. I would be concerned at this point...does he have surgery? No, the Padres are trying to make this their year. So then he struggles through it this year, and have surgery at season end, ultimately impacting two years? THey're definitely going to baby him this year with Kim filling in at SS (maybe thats why they grabbed him?), so expect more days off, especially after this. Manny is going to have to carry this team like he did second half of last year.
  14. Starved without pitching the first two days across two leagues. Gonna feast today, Plesac, Wheeler, Kluber, Mahle, Hernandez, Webb (x2), and a benched Arihara. Glad to have baseball back.
  15. I wouldn't be surprised if they follow Morejon with Weathers. Morejon has not pitched more than a few innings at a time in the majors. The only issue is that they many need Weathers if Paddack collapses on Sunday. Morejon has looked good, but no experience with that third time through the order.
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