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  1. It sounds like the team clearly has Shogo as the 4th of after he didn't impress last year. Senzel is the clear CF now. I was surprised at his splits against lhp. I know it was only 41 ABs, but going from OPS in the 300-600s to 890 is a significant jump. All projection systems have him in like the low 400s for ABs. Is that really going to happen? Why wouldn't the reds give him a chance to start nearly every day? Other they do that, he could easily get to 30hr.
  2. I quit Stroman a few years ago when he kept getting BABIP'd to death in Toronto with their average defense. If his stuff has gotten better, and he's aiming for more Ks with a better defense....may be time to buy back in.
  3. I don't think so. At least for Suarez, he's a buy low. I think some of his struggles were tied to his mysterious shoulder surgery he had pre-2020 spring training. Definitely a candidate to bounce back.
  4. That's what I figured, just needed a sanity check. He's got a lot of average talent, with Lindor, Eloy, Berrios. I don't see anything happening here even with a counter offer. Any suggestions on where to break down to get OF and SP?
  5. 20 team dynasty. My current IF is Lemahieu, Torres, Polanco (and Profar in OF). I need OF and Pitching. Current OF: Blackmon, KLewis, Hays, Profar, Shogo.(no minors of note) P: Wheeler, Kluber, JMont, Wacha, Webb (Garcia, Alzolay, Puk in minors) I just joined this league and they just changed up scoring categories, so I have no idea how it plays. Other players of note...Freeman, Darnaud, Suarez, Dozier). Other team just proposed Jeter Downs, Teoscar, Plesac for Wander. This meets my needs (2B to replace Lemahieu if I want to trade him in a year or so, OF with ABs to o
  6. But also looks at yelichs 2020. That's not who he is. Maybe it's something with their hitting coach and what they leaned on in 2019 and wasn't there in 2020 with lack of video. I know yelichs complained of it. Also - wasn't hiura known for good hitting skills in the minors? After seeing Tatis turn around high k rates into solid performance, I'm not going to bail on hiura just yet. Maybe drop him down a round or so, but not too much
  7. He's shooting up my SP lost if this is true. If he's finally digging in to his fastball spin and ride issues then that means he realizes the issues. With the talent I believe he's going to fix it. https://twitter.com/AJCassavell/status/1363564099464949761?s=19
  8. If Manny really is stealing more, then it's him. The power came back and he's running a bit more. The padres lineup is much better too. I expect suarez to bounce back, but it's definitely Manny here.
  9. I'm concerned and optimistic at the same time. His curveball got much better which is what will take him to the next level. That was always a question, and he spent the entire offseason trying to fix it. He's clearly opened the door to not being a 2-pitch pitcher... ...the problem is that his fastball sucked in 2020. I saw some articles saying that his pitch mechanics tinkering with different fastbll types screwed up his fastball and his command dropped, pitch was flat, etc. If he can attack that like the curveball, I think he can have three solid pitches and bounce back...however watchin
  10. True, but at least Altuve and Bregman took a step back. Might take a slight hit on the gaudy RBI #s, but they'll still be elite if he can keep everything else consistent.
  11. Yeah, but without Springer and Brantley, how is that lineup going to perform?
  12. Most upside is easily hinton, but there's huge risk. I think gio is the guy if he plays, then edwards. With lamar out there's risk, but with andrews Dobbins and ingram out, he's going to get his opportunities
  13. Good point, I never mentioned points...this is half PPR. Probably leans me towards white. Thanks for the help!
  14. My thoughts; Deebo - he's been out so much, who knows what his usage will be. Also Rams. Higgins - with burrow out, I don't think I can trust him White - maybe? With bulkhead done, I think there is potential here. Fulgham - nope, not trusting him. Even against the Seahawks. I am leaning Deebo based on talent, but could use some help. Also starting crowder at wr3 with darnold back.
  15. Need Robinson to score 20.25. Hopefully hes not a decoy tonight.
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