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  1. Dorset, especially with hill back for kc http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/772680-urgent-trade-for-chubb-whir/
  2. I would rather add a kicker in that situation
  3. Maybe I'm a biased eagles fan but I would say stick with ertz
  4. I would go with Samuel's. Thanks for the help with mine!
  5. The chubb owner offered me Chubb for David Johnson straight up. He also offered Chubb for bell and woods 8 team 0.5 ppr league QB- watson Rb - DJohnson, Bell, Carson, Edmonds, McCoy Wr- Hill, obj, woods, mclaurin Te - Andrew's Do I take either if these trades? I would get to keep edmonds as well in the trade. Whir
  6. Qb - Watson Rb - David johnson, Bell, carson, mccoy Wr - Hill, Obj, Woods, Mclauren, Gallup Te - Andrew's I'm 2-5 in a 0.5 ppr league. Got offered Chubb for Bell and Woods. What do you guys say on that? Im kinda worried about hunt coming back and taking away touches and Bells schedule is pretty amazing going forward
  7. Even with teh bad matchup, I like Terry the most out of all of those options
  8. I'd honestly go with Henry. Ekler is taking a ton of the touches
  9. With the news that David Johnson may miss this week, who should I start at flex? Do I go with Gallup with a nice matchup against the eagles or should I start Edmonds in Johnsons place? I would have to drop Gallup to pick up Edmonds
  10. I have both and am trying to decide who to play between the two of them today? Who would you suggest?
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