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  1. If Garrett continues to struggle it looks like the consensus here is Sims. Is anyone buying Doolittle, with his uptick in velocity and 111 career saves?
  2. LOL at Boston being all like "nah, we're good with our pen"
  3. They need all the pen arms they can get.
  4. Farmer, and a mister Trevor Rosenthal...
  5. He'll get first crack, likely blow it, leaving Farmer.
  6. I'm in a blood for saves league, where pretty much all 3 late inning relievers for most teams are taken. Joe is gone in this league, but even if he was on the wire free and clear I wouldn't pull the trigger.
  7. Unless he's traded, him and his 5.80 career ERA will be the closer until they can no longer tolerate his blown saves, which could take a couple of weeks.
  8. Yes, this is the ebb and flow of a fantasy baseball season. I'm excited for Lowe as well as the next pickup once MLB pitching figures out Lowe.
  9. Just for the record, it's not taking much to supplant a Dozier in your lineup the last few weeks.
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