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  1. I'm probably jinxing myself but I only need 2.22 points from Bills to win (League is score-up from 0 DST). Got a little lucky with Landry going on Covid list for opponent. He also had Henry and Brown in the snow game plus Rivers and Koo struggling Trailing 72.04 to 74.25 with Bills DST left on both sides Starters Russell Wilson Sea - QB Tyreek Hill KC - WR Sammy Watkins KC - WR J.D. McKissic Was - RB Dare Ogunbowale Jax - RB (Week 16 addition) Travis Kelce KC - TE Robert Tonyan GB - W/T - Pickup of the year in week 3 or so Joey Slye Car - K - I streamed kickers all year but had this guy the last few weeks Buffalo Buf - DST - I streamed DST all year but had Bills the last few weeks Bench Jalen Guyton LAC - WR (Week 16 addition) Tyron Johnson LAC - WR (Week 15 addition but he didn't start) Damien Harris NE - RB Jakobi Meyers NE - WR (Week 16 addition) - Should have started him over Watkins IR Ronald Jones II TB - RB Raheem Mostert SF - RB Notable Recent Drops Emmanuel Sanders NO - WR - Dropped for RB depth before right before he became #1 WR doh Gus Edwards BAL - RB - Probably should have held onto him also
  2. Packers had zero problems moving the ball down the field
  3. That's madness but he will probably do better than Rodgers because of weather lol
  4. He still did as good as Mahomes and Russ. I feel ~20pts is fine unless you benched Brady or Big Ben lol
  5. My opponent in the championship game has Yoo and I was feeling good after that last shank. Who knew Slye would match his production and possibly cost me the title
  6. I went with Russ instead of panicking and using the rookie but his final numbers will be a bit better than Russ in my league lol
  7. Is weather going to be a factor? I need 16 from Adams and Tonyan
  8. I started Ogunbowale over Harris/Michel. Not too disappointed lol
  9. Is this guy starting or what? Can’t believe I’m depending on a Pats RB in the championship game lol
  10. I love this. Raiders deserve that for being gutless. Take the TD
  11. Well D/ST would get credit if they forced a fumble there and scored. The really painful ones are offensive turnovers leading to easy TDs
  12. Great, I can't even hope for some MJJ catches cos Lions special teams does something
  13. Imagine starting him in this game? All these points are you might be negative if your league heavily penalizes missed XPs
  14. He is definitely above average IMO and would have won something if he had decent talent and coaching around him. Just look at this game. He would at least be competitive instead of this crap Daniels is doing. I would say he is top 10 right now
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