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  1. I'm starting him. 17 carries, 89 yds, TD, 3 rec 31 yds. Stop laughing.
  2. Ok, I have thrown away a lot early round picks because I suck, but for some reason I feel extra crappy about this one. I feel like my girlfriend cheated on me.
  3. Do you watch the games? Seriously, it's not all about numbers. The play calling is actually terrible. If you've seen him run or catch, you'd know he's a playmaker.
  4. It's still early, but my preliminary observation is that "Money Ball" doesn't work in the NFL. Screw you Jonah Hill. Seriously though, Chubb passes the eye test and is a legitimate stud. Why they don't lean on him more is anyone's guess. Paul DePodesta should update his algorithms to account for stupid play calling.
  5. Lost by 5 points, got beaten by the refs with that ridiculous penalty on the Browns on the would-be Chubb TD run.
  6. Chubb owners got punked by the refs. Ridiculous penalty call on that TD run.
  7. Oh boy, I'm dying to find the actual text messages online somewhere. The other ones were absolute gold. I wonder if someone on twitter has actually already translated them to English?
  8. They take advantage of everything. Down to the minute detail.
  9. Not a Brown or Gordon owner, but remember guys these are the Patriots. Brown might not even get targeted next week. Yeah Randy Moss 2007 or whatever, but that was one year. The Patriots still are what they are. They care about winning not about stats.
  10. He was busin all over the Dolphins backs
  11. He is still kind of a cult classic at this point I think. Anyone in your league who has him is probably in the cult. But a slick buy offer wouldn’t hurt, go for it.
  12. Bruce Arians doesn't do twitface or snapgram
  13. OJ Simpson is probably more useful for fantasy football at this point...
  14. DK Metcalf, 44% owned at yahoo, that is going to change
  15. This is a tough one to swallow. I can't blame anyone but myself. I simply wasn't able to do enough research in order to make the right call here, and just saw a big a** TE who got a lot of run in '18, and completely missed the fact that he now has a coach who thinks TEs should be primarily blockers. That, and, well, Jameis Winston. Whether to drop or not this week depends on a few factors: 1. Are you 0-2 after this week? If you are, chances are you have other issues other than TE, but you can't afford to wait for Jameis to actually become a real pro QB, and for Arians to realize that in the 2019 NFL TEs can make plays. This means we need to do some creative thinking to find a replacement. 2. Obviously if there is a no-brainer drop at RB/WR, might want to hold on to him for at least one more week, but no way in hell I'm starting him. 3. I am not yet at the point, even if I'm 0-2, to trade good bench depth for a suitable replacement TE. However, if I'm 0-3, I'm definitely considering it.
  16. I just picked up this rude boy, more targets than Lockett, playing with one of the best of today's QBs, 5 pages and I never got wind of this guy until last night! Let's ride...
  17. I watched Penny play live at SDSU. Rocky Long the coach absolutely leaned on this guy, the last game I watched was an absolute Penny show, over 200 yards, but granted it was college and Mountain West at that. But the dude can take a pounding, I've seen it live. I haven't actually watched any Seahawks games, so I'm not sure what he's looking like out there, but maybe it's just a lack of confidence at the pro level. I dropped him last night, because I am blinded by what I thought was excellence at the college level at least. I'll probably end up picking him back up.
  18. I would go Malcolm over Delanie, I also have Howard and I'm sticking it out for another week
  19. Sorry, I didn't mean to say I need to drop one of those, just that I'm loaded at receiver, and despite some very awesome options available this week at WR, I don't need one. I will be dropping either Penny or Geronimo for one of those backs.
  20. I was wondering the same, but wasn't that an Evan Silva column?
  21. I need RB help, second in waivers, my receivers are Sammy Watkins, DHop, Alshon, and Diggs.
  22. He will be a must start even when Hill is back, until he gets hurt again that is.
  23. I accidentally picked Sammy Watkins when I was in line getting a beer. When I went back to the table everybody was laughing at me because before I left to get the beer I had just said that I didn’t want him!
  24. Apologies if this has already been discussed here, but who else couldn't resist naming their teams "Half Chubb?"
  25. He shouldn't be available in any league. We're looking at double digit targets per game the rest of the way, folks. (If he can stay healthy, of course)
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