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  1. This guy carried all year. After a relative dud last week, I knew he'd come through in the end. Looking at his game log is jaw dropping.
  2. It's essentially tied in my matchup. He has Henry, I have Adams.
  3. Any Chargers fans in here? Should we expect Johnson, Williams and Guyton to all see a lot of snaps? If Allen and Henry are out that means lots of 3 WR sets with those guys?
  4. I'll just guess and say it's a 70/30 share in favor of Gaskin.
  5. I think as usual with Harris, we can expect 13-18 rushes and maybe 1 target with limited goalline work. Even in a negative game script, the Patriots will have to run the ball some. So it becomes a question of how efficient we think Harris can be against a pretty stout defense. Can he break at least one run of 20+ yards?
  6. A risky one, but yeah. I think everyone expects him to see an increase in snaps and targets at some point. But no one knows if it's this week or 2 weeks from now.
  7. Gotta think Flores is borrowing a tactic from the Belichick playbook by keeping his QB and RB decisions close to the vest. I think Gaskin will be a go.
  8. I don't watch too many packer games. Is Lazard or MVS the #2 when everyone is healthy?
  9. I did find it interesting that Brady threw to Jones early and he ended up with 4 targets. I thought they wouldn't have the confidence to pass to him. Regardless, Jones is a much better runner than Fournette and it's a mystery why they abondoned the run so early against the Saints. Rojo looked spry with the ball early.
  10. He'll be on my roster for two more weeks. I want to see snap % and target share over these two weeks and make my decision from there.
  11. Drop off from QB1 to the next guy is much greater than RB1 to RB2 (in most cases).
  12. I'm starting because I don't have better options, but I still think he will do well. Sony is a plodder and Harris is much more explosive. Most importantly, they're playing the JETS. New England O-line will create the space.
  13. I'm still a huge fan of Smith and hope he can get a bigger piece of the pie going forward, but good luck fellas. I managed to package him to get Waller.
  14. Except when they put in the All 22 and see how many holes Fournette missed because he lacks vision to find the seam. But I definitely agree Fournette is the lead dog for now. The team can't trust Rojo to hold the football.
  15. What a brutal fumble. We are ball to square one now. Rojo looks a lot better than Fournette (eye test), but giving the ball away like that is guaranteed to land him in the dog house, especially with this coach and QB. He's going to have to explode on the few carries he gets next week to swing this back the other way.
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