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  1. Hold Mixon. I'd rather move Carson or Kerryon if I were you and aim for a 1:1 for a WR you like somewhere. it's early for dynasty purposes, so just make them available and see who makes the best offer. If it were my team I'd be looking to add a stronger WR2 because I'm not huge on Hilton moving forward. Help with mine?
  2. I'm with everyone here. I traded for Juju towards the end of this season in one dynasty and I'm not sure if I actually won anything at all. I'd want Zeke and the 1.01 or Zeke and Tyreek. I'd also think about trying out a tight end swap in there so you get the younger guy if that's possible, especially if he wont budget off of Juju. Something like Barkley/Kelce for Zeke/Juju/Kittle. Got to make a guy pay for a guy like quon. Help with mine?
  3. Golladay and Chark unlocks a ton of value for your team and would be my picks as things stand today. If Hunt lands a starting role I would swap out Chark for him when the time comes to make your selections. Help with mine?
  4. 10 Team, 0.5 PPR, 1 QB I give: AJ Brown, Kerryon Johnson, 2020 1.09 I get: Lamar Jackson, Deebo Samuel, Dallas Goedert, Rashaad Penny, 2020 3.09 Context: My QBs cost me wins last year - Wentz, J Allen My TEs cost me wins last year - OJH, Gesicki, Herndon My remaining relevant RBs are good enough: Saquon, Henry, Ingram, Lindsay, Freeman, ROJO My remaining relevant WRs are good enough: Hill, Adams, Parker, Ridley, J. Brown, Ross, Harry Would you do it? WHIR.
  5. Gotta love that wide range of opinions.
  6. How do you know he didn’t do anything wrong? Is there a report stating this somewhere?
  7. I just need one of you Bears disciples to tell me where Howard is going. Getting tired of waiting on this!
  8. Wish El Douchebag and the Packers would let the RB take it in from the 1 every now and again.
  9. I need some good news as an OBJ, Allen, Conner and Ware owner otherwise this is going to be the worst title game I’ve ever been a part of.
  10. I’m surprised by how many people on these forums are ending up with all of these guys on their rosters. Even the last place teams in my leagues are swooping in to snipe guys from me. Seems most leagues are full of about 4 competitive teams.
  11. Josh Adams - stay in the ******** game, man. Had a chance to make me look like a genius tonight.
  12. Told my wife all I wanted for my birthday was to watch Keenan Allen put up 30 from the comfort of the couch. Thanks for the birthday present Keenan! P.S. you forgot to sign the card Butker.
  13. I got Ebron and Fitzgerald. Gave J. Gordon and Cohen.
  14. Over managed the f--- out of my team this year (10 team). Cut Miller, A. Jones, Breida and traded Chubb. Going into the playoffs with no RB depth, weird.
  15. hue Jackson putting his stamp on the bengals
  16. Trading Chubb instead of Mixon before the big breakout. Garbage decision. Bengals look like the Raiders.
  17. Every decision I've made today is poop. Straight poop.
  18. Traded Chubb last week in an OBJ package. Traded Aaron Jones earlier in the year. Today feels s---y.
  19. Needed 3 yards out of dak on that last sequence. Good call on the wr pass play. Peewee s--- Garrett. Go to hell.
  20. Hope no one listened to the really bad advice served up in this thread earlier today.
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