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  1. Awesome options I know....leaning towards Allen
  2. you trolls realize drew stanton is pretty decent and gabbert is fully capable as well? I agree palmer looked really really really really bad today but come on....it's one game
  3. accept and move on....hunt might produce equal or more than zeke!
  4. how the heck was dez available in the 3rd round???? early third? or an 8-10 team league?
  5. then why is he ranked top 10-12 WR by every expert in the fantasy relm
  6. lol at Dez not being a top 20 guy.....I could see if you argued he wasn't top 10 but he's firmly in the top 15 with high TD upside and a monster red zone threat every time they are inside the 20
  7. yeah that's what I was leaning but the wire is pretty crappy but I guess if Palmer plays solid I will be fine
  8. I traded Brandin Cooks for Hunt on draft night in my league if that gives you any value. Hunt was taken 24th and I grabbed Cooks at like 32nd or something. I went Julio/Dez/Cooks and then panicked later in the evening and flipped my cooks for hunt....
  9. Team in signature below....got pretty wild at my draft and started with Julio/Dez/Cooks and then decided to make a draft night trade of Cooks for Kareem Hunt straight up to try to bolster my non existent RB core. Hunt was taken about 7 picks ahead of Cooks somehow but it was a little bit of a panic move looking back on it but it is what it is at this point. Waited far too long to get a QB because I was grabbing any and all RB before that trade occurred. I'm a big Cardinals fan and higher than most on Palmer this year (shocking) but want to obviously have a backup to p
  10. so is straily really a 2 start pitcher this week? in my head to head league it's tempting to give him a run with two starts over some of my other options... he does pitch against CIN/TOR....Seems like it's jehkl and hyde with this guy every start
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