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  1. saw this on Mike Petriello’s Twitter page. I couldn’t post a pic so I did the good ole copy and paste Fill in the blank. This is a leaderboard of 2021 hard-hit rate per swing (not per batted ball). Who's atop the list? This will be less "oh, yeah, him" and more "uh, I definitely know what team he is on, yes, sure." 1. _________? 2. Acuña 3. Machado 4. Buxton 5. Judge I got about 50 wrong answers -- lots of Naquin guesses -- but friends, we have a winner. PHIL F'ING EVANS.
  2. i have 5 bench spots and using 2 for catchers is tough
  3. 16 team dynasty 5x5 I was holding onto Kirk and Campusano because they both have pretty good bats and I was hoping one could be my catcher of the future but the downside is, they may not help me right away. I was hoping to get something from Kirk so I could start him but he hasn’t done much. would you drop one of Kirk or Campusano to start Molina or drop Molina and pray Kirk gives me something.
  4. Which one are you keeping in a dynasty? I have German and picked up Garcia as insurance. I can’t keep both though. If German keeps struggling then Garcia could get a shot. my pitchers are Bieber , DeGrom, Buehler, Rodon, Mahle, Sale (DL)
  5. 16 team dynasty 5x5 I’ve held onto these guys for 4-5 years now and I’m getting tired of seeing them both tie up two of my 5 bench spots. Im thinking about dropping them so I can Keep Phillip Evans & Dylan Moore. I know those guys likely won’t carry my team but Moore was good last year and Evans has hit when healthy. Would you drop Benni and Dahl?
  6. ive been thinking about dropping Benni on a 16 team dynasty. He has given next to nothing even though it’s only a week into the season. mid roll with Eaton because Benni hasn’t shown anything yet
  7. Who should I start? I have to drop the other. need one to hold me over until Voit comes back
  8. I’m not sure. I think I like Aggy a bit more but Fuentes plays in Colorado
  9. I Can’t decide between the two. I was leaning Aggy but Fuentes plays in Colorado. both guys have had a good spring
  10. Benny and Dahl have a salary of 2 & 4 moose is 15 and CMart is 11
  11. Rodon has had a decent spring but he is battling for a rotation spot. He changed his delivery and has had decent results
  12. CMart (2nd highest salary) Gomber German Rodon Moose (highest salary) benintendi Dahl France Campusano I’m thinking Moose, Gomber, CMart I’d like to keep Campusano because finding a decent catcher is hard and he has upside. The downside is he is taking up a spot on my bench and likely won’t play much for awhile.
  13. This was an amazing write up. I forgot to thank everyone for their help. I ended up going with Garrett Mitchel. he has size and speed and if he can hit for in game power he could be a really really good baseball player. It was a tough call because I REALLY like Matos. He was taken about 6 picks after me.
  14. would my second next year and 1 of Dahl/France/Profar be fair? 16 team dynasty Roto 5x5 C - Severino 1st - Voit 2nd - Albies SS - Story 3rd - Arenado OF - Merrifield, Ozuna , Benintendi U - Lowe , moose Bench - Campusano , Dahl, France SP - DeGrom, , Buehler , Bieber, Rodon , CMart , Mahle Sale - IR MINORS (10 max) - Albies, Buxton, Profar, Tapia, Jo Adell, Carter Kieboom, Grant Lavigne, Xavier Edwards
  15. It’s between Matos and Mitchell. I have to get another pick so I can get both
  16. Only have 1 in this draft but would like to grab another. Probably won’t happen Are you worried Mitchell may not develop power?
  17. @HOOTIE @ST. STEVEN here is a list of guys available. thanks for the help everyone Luis Matos Hunter Bishop Francisco Alvarez Christian Hernandez Garret Crochet Josh Jung wilman Diaz Kjerstad Robert Hassell austin Hendrick Abel Garrett Mitchell Erick Pena Soderstrom Acosta Jordan Walker
  18. you like Matos at all? crochet? im going to get a short list together soon and post again
  19. My bad Bleday, Hancock and Nick Gonazales were taken. 1 more pick ahead of me
  20. thanks for the reply my friend Gonzales , Bleday and Emerson Hancock were taken today. garrett Mitchell, Willman Diaz and Christian Hernandez are all available. One guy I also like that I was eyeing up last year is Luis Matos
  21. It’s that time of year again. looking for some help selecting a minor leaguer with upside. it’s a 16 team league with 10 max minor league system. most guys in the top 100 are gone except for players drafted this year. so I’m mainly looking at new arrivals to the list or guys just outside the top 100. here is who was picked so far torkelson , max meyer, Austin Martin , Hedbert Perez, Zac Veen, Asa Lacy, Edward Carbrera. I wanted to get this post rolling so I apologize for not having a list together. I will update it later on. I wanted to as
  22. I like TeOscar but I feel like this year is an outliner. he hit .239 in 2018 and .230 in 2019 so I’m not sure I am buying his .308 batting average. he has some pop but I worry he will come back down to earth next season. Stanton is frustrating to own because of the injuries but your selling him at the worst possible time. id hang onto Stanton and look to trade him when he is healthy and has more value.
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