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  1. I do not think I do any of these deals. The new one is enticing but Allen is questionable with a new QB and Thielen seems to be declining a bit. I like Henry but he’s not near Barkley, especially in Dynasty. I do not feel blown away by any of those deals.
  2. I would take Metcalf and then Sutton for Hunt.
  3. I lean Gallup because he has the better QB. I know he’s the number 2 in Dallas but he wasn’t that far off from Coopers numbers last year. I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t think Cooper is a dependable WR so I think Gallup has a legitimate chance to be a great fantasy asset for years to come.
  4. Thomas. RBs have such a short life span in dynasty. It wasn’t all that long ago where David Johnson and Todd Gurley were top prizes in dynasty. Their fall happened fast.
  5. I think of the 2 players Lock is the one who has the potential to blow up and end up as a regular weekly fantasy play. I see mediocrity though in the future for both honesty.
  6. The only way I’d have a problem with a player trading to get someone back that they want would be if it were an obvious “rent a player for a week”. So if the trade was OBJ for Fournette week 5 and then week 6 the trade is Fournette for OBJ. That I would have an issue with.
  7. I don’t think it’s enough considering the strong rookie class this year.
  8. Fair trade for dynasty, especially if you are in a “win now” mode.
  9. I don’t like it in a 2QB league. Mariotta won’t be starting for anyone anytime soon. I like the resurgence of Tanny but what if he goes back to being his normal self? I’d rather keep Minshew in a 2QB league.
  10. I would do it. WRs in dynasty are much more valuable than RBs.
  11. Depends on your WR core of course as WRs are more valuable in dynasty than any other position for the long term. But in a vacuum, yes I’d do that.
  12. I’m a big fan of both but I don’t think either is worth a 1st or 2nd round pick. I’d rather let them go and see who else is available. They’ll be there for you if you don’t see anyone else better released to the pool.
  13. I’d say at best you could maybe get a late 1st or early 2nd. As far as players, probably a mid tier number 2 WR.
  14. We switched from Flea Flicker to Sleeper this year and really like it. I thought I saw an option to trade FAAB on there so you may want to look again. I don’t have experience with IDP so I won’t be much help there. I can tell you that our league is a 12 teamer with no IDPs and 3 IR spots and you’d be surprised at how many people you can still find with a 25 man roster. With IDP I would think at least 30. As far as keeping players after the rookie draft on Sleeper we have our draft and then give everyone 30 days to make cuts to get the roster size down to what we have agreed to
  15. Montgomery was a big preseason hype miss. I bought into it. Calvin Ridley was also another guy hyped like crazy who did not live up to his hype. I also remember a ton of hype for Justice Hill. At least his draft capital didn’t kill anyone.
  16. I will never forget Andrew Luck retiring mid way through our draft. That was shocking.
  17. It’s possible Mahomes would not have looked as good with the Bears. Maybe not Watson either. However, both were much higher prospects than Mitch. There was no reason the Bears should have moved up to pick him. I wish they would do what the Cardinals did with Rosen and just admit the mistake and move on. But that has never been the “Bears way”.
  18. I think that Michael Gallup has the potential to level up, but I’m holding off proclaiming that until I see who is the coach. Devin Singletary will be a buy for me next year for sure and I’m sure I’ll go early for him. Same with Drake if he stays in Arizona. AJ Green will be off my radar no matter what his health is next year going into our draft season.
  19. If you can keep Lamar for $3 then I’d say him for sure. You get a top tier QB at a streamers price.
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