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  1. My leagues are more than likely full, but if you find this post and want to join, please send me a message on Groupme using the instructions on my website at ifbkl.com and I will message you when there is an opening.
  2. Need just 1 more for sure. We are doing a Fantrax slowdraft, but the league will be on ESPN.
  3. I agree totally edbuzz, deleted my account on reddit actually for the same reason. It probably is an age thing, I'm in my early 40's. I created a Twitter account for my league and have found a few that way, but stay away from asking friends as I have had a few that have said yes and then just stop playing, so would rather find people who are looking for me.
  4. You can try Reddit as well. I am just not a fan of it, I have found that it brings a bit of an immature crowd. I have also found a number of members on twitter this year. Also interested to hear other suggestions.
  5. Looking for memebers to fill up my 3rd and 4th tiers of My H2H each cat = win leagues. Here are the tiers. Pretty deep rosters and 16 teams. 4th tier. This is the starting point. No keepers yearly redraft. 3rd tier- 5 keepers. This is the next step. Bottom 2 automatically demoted to tier 4. 2nd Tier- 8 keepers. Getting near the top. If you finish in Bottom 2 teams for consecutive years, you are demoted. Top tier 10 keepers. Last place for conecutive seasons = relegation. See full rules at ifbkl.com
  6. Really looking to take this league to the next level and find some good quality owners. Please message me ASAP to get in. Depending on Experience you may end up in the 3rd or 4th tier.
  7. I still need some new members to fill out my 3rd an 4th tier leagues. If you want to go straight to the 3rd tier, I will also need to some proof that you have done well in previous fantasy basketball leagues. 3rd tier has 5 keepers.
  8. How many new dynasaty leagues fold? This league is worth the effort. Been running my leagues for 10 + years! see full rules at ifbkl dot com
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