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  1. Anyone have insight on when he been brought into games? that k rate seems sexy and wondering if he a good add for holds or not.
  2. I think Colome isnt in danger of losing his job yet, but Rodgers should be next in line right?
  3. If only the Braves had the option to sign a hall of fame closer maybe they would be in position to win the WS
  4. I dont think you can start him these days. Only 1 good start since June. I would need to see him pitch better before I start again
  5. with 0 stolen bases that's really hard. Top 10 sure but number 1 not really
  6. Is it crazy to say he the top 2nd baseman in the league fantasy wise
  7. First of a ton of new closers in the next week
  8. He their 2nd best hitter he shouldnt be hitting 7th.
  9. Khris davis hasnt done much since april. I would sell him dirt cheap. He riding my bench and if I got offered anything of value I'll ship him off.
  10. I think it was the magic the gathering that caused it
  11. If neris is suspended for any length of time for head hunting who is next in line??
  12. I bought him 3 days ago so choo choo
  13. This might be still a time to buy. I'm sure many owners who dealt with 3 months of crap is willing to sell for 80 cents on the dollar.
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