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  1. Someone mentioned GB having already made a decision on Jones before drafting Dillon, and logically it's impossible to disagree. You don't use a 2nd round pick for RB insurance. If they end up keeping Jones then this pick made absolutely zero sense.
  2. It had this feeling for most of the year, but I think it's safe to assume this season was lost to the AJ Green effect rather than injuries. It'll be interesting to see both where he lands and where he gets drafted.
  3. If you had AJ Green last year you just answered your own question. We will not see Golladay again until September.
  4. Very minimal. If it's essentially a toss-up then I'd go with the sure thing on Sunday, but if it's a significant downgrade I'd roll with your Ravens/Cowboys. Nothing is trending towards that game being cancelled. I don't think we've seen one game cancelled that didn't trend in that direction in the prior days.
  5. Tua's agent tweeted that he's flying to the game to watch him. Then later changed his tweet to "watch the Dolphins". Sounds like Tua's starting.
  6. Oh I completely agree. I'm more just voicing my general displeasure with these types of situations in the past. But I'm with you, you'd need to have a pretty solid team to bench him this week.
  7. I am a HUGE believer in the start your studs mentality. That said, there are a few key considerations here. The first of course being alternative options. The second being chance of in game aggravation. And the third, quite simply, how many games has he actually been a stud in recent memory? In your standard 10-12 team league I'd guess most teams have a WR right around 30 in the rankings that they'd be benching for Julio. Absolutely not worth it IMO. Far too great a chance Julio can't finish the game, and also a reasonable chance a WR in that 30-35 range just straight outscored Julio any
  8. Depends on league size really. Booker and Gore were still pretty widely available, I'd favor both over Akers. Beyond that, you'd probably give Akers the nod over the rest of the wire.
  9. I'm not saying on paper he's not a good start, but situations like this prove to disappoint FAR more often than not. I feel like every time a starter goes down and you figure the cuff will surely put up big numbers, they put up a complete dud. I'm sure I could find several others, but just off the top of my head you have Mattison, Ahmed, Hill, Edmonds, Lindsay, Edwards, Snell, Boone the end of last year, and so on and so forth. These guys had bellcow opportunities and all put up absolute duds.
  10. Still certainly in the RB2 conversation but a healthy Richard caps his ceiling considerably. Hopefully he's not 100% otherwise we may see a 60/40.
  11. Absolutely. Just as a means of comparison, I grabbed Cousins as well and if Lamar isn't a definite come Sunday morning I am 100% rolling with Cousins. I'd go Hill as well. You'd have to get like into the QB 20+ range before it was worth the gamble. We're not talking the Lamar of last year. A guy like Cousins could easily outscore him straight up.
  12. I'm not saying you're wrong by any means because I saw that report as well but it's far from a guarantee IMO. I'd put it at about 50/50.
  13. Ollison had like 4 TDs in a 6 game stretch on VERY limited carries last year. Meaning I'd be surprised if he's not the GL back. I think you'd give Hill a floor/ceiling of like 7/18, with him likely only ending up being a good start if he punches one in.
  14. Boy this train sure fizzled out awful quick. Couldn't even get one good week outta the guy.
  15. Agree, if he's playing I'm starting him. That's sorta my point. Whether he practices fully, on a limited basis, one day, three days, whether he has an injury designation, whether he doesn't - none of it REALLY matters. If he's playing Sunday he's in your lineup.
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