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  1. While Hampson is more capable of a utility role than Rodgers, it sure sounds like Hampson will get the first opportunity to man 2nd. Sadly, with the Rockies tendencies in mind, it feels like a late call or cup of coffee for Rodgers next year. I hope that’s not accurate - even though I like Hampson too. I hope they both play a bunch.
  2. Can I get a copy of this manual? Need it for a friend (Mike Rizzo) .pdf is fine.
  3. Couple questions for you guys: What do we make of the lower BB% and lower K% in 2018? Isn’t it likely that he walks less and Ks more once in the majors? Early in his thread, Eloy was getting Soler comps. Does that still hold true or is there better (non-Stanton/Judge) comps out there? I’m noticing a tendency for him to pull the ball (over 50% in 2018) If you could put a percentage chance on it, what are the odds that Eloy gets hammered on the outside of the plate and ends up scuffling until he figures it out? Last question: when will MIL
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