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  1. Not only was that clearly not a penalty on Flowers, but the zebras missed a BLATANT hold on the right side of the pocket. Absolutely PATHETIC officiating.
  2. Aaron Rogers and Sean Payton are the most unlikable people in the NFL.
  3. Needed literally 3 more points from Kenny G. To add insult to injury, I dropped Jamaal Williams for Darrel Williams on my RB-depleted team before 10 AM games yesterday. F fantasy football.
  4. Kizer has potential to to be a top 5 NFL quarterback. If he was in McVay’s system he’d be lethal. Josh Gordon is so incredible he simply masks the ineptitude of Hugh Jackson. Hopefully the Browns hire a real coach who can help this kid maximize his tremendous physical ability.
  5. If you have room to stash a lottery ticket and don't see another potential league winner on the wire, you'd be a fool to drop him at this point until he's officially ruled out for the season.
  6. Rams fan here. He’s a future stud. Should have value next week, but he’s a pure dynasty play beyond that.
  7. Of course, but he's making smart decisions, and is showing way more touch on his intermediate and deep throws than he was in the early part of the season. His ability to feel pressure and move around in the pocket is already elite. McVay is a magician.
  8. Nah. I'm a believer in Goff... he's going to dominate the league. Remember this post.
  9. I laughed my a** off when McKisson got that goal line look -- Petey Boy simply can't help himself in his endlessly futile pursuit to usurp The Hoodie in his old gig.
  10. Every time I watch Carson carry the rock I think of Earl Campbell and Sonny Liston with Marvin Gaye playing in the background.
  11. Hey Petey Boy, imagine that: decoys are actually effective when they're good players. See Lacy, Fat Eddie (bad player) vs. Chris "Lil Earl" Carson (good player)
  12. Why are they stupid? They appear to be balling out of control on offense to me.
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