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  1. This is how it feels coming back to this thread anymore...
  2. Solid last couple of games. Will minutes be there even after Wood comes back now that Cousins is gone?
  3. First tell me how many more games Watson has missed than Favre while demanding a trade. Pretty sure at the moment THAT version of the truth is Watson 0, Favre 0. And Favre didn’t say, “I think we should continue playing while we voice our opinion,” he said “I think we make too much money to voice an opinion.” Which, as you stated above, is exactly what Favre did for leverage during his own playing career. Glass houses, pot-kettle... pick your analogy.
  4. I’d say neither percentage represents diversity. As for Watson, I don’t blame him for wanting out of Houston, and Favre of all people judging him for it is pretty absurd.
  5. And my point is, since it didn’t play a role in his making a recent long-term contractual commitment to the team when he was fully aware of that history, I have serious doubts it would have played a role at all now if the Texans were coming off another successful season. I could be wrong, but I’m just not buying it when he ignored the history to sign a big contract after a 10-win season and now wants so desperately to leave after a 4-win season. Wins and losses are clearly what matter most here to Watson, and that’s to be expected for a competitor like him.
  6. He knew everything he needed to know about the organization when he signed that extension in September, and signed on the dotted line anyway. No one forced him to sign it. The difference now? A 4-12 season with no improvement in sight. Plain and simple.
  7. That organization sucks for sure, but I own property and never once considered offering it a multi-million-dollar contract extension. 😉
  8. I agree on all counts... my only issue was the casual use of the word "slavery." It is and has always been business between employer and employee, nothing more or less.
  9. So being expected to honor the $156 million contract extension he willfully signed just 5 months ago to play a game is considered “slavery”?
  10. Sounds like he may be coming back this week. Anything to see here now that Harden is shipped out?
  11. Haha, y’all have short memories, or recency bias, or whatever. Ah yes, of course, the ol’ “eye test” evaluation, that’s always completely reliable and objective, lol. Allen was questioned plenty his rookie year. There were even some people calling THIS a make-or-break year for him even after his SECOND season. He’s def come through and silenced all his doubters, for sure. Tua has shown plenty of vision and arm strength this year with no weapons around him. Yeah he looked tentative at times, but he showed talent and poise many times too. I (and plenty of others) saw it differently than
  12. Ok, I def didn’t infer that from your post... “blind faith” sounded like a negative connotation to me. Jets have stuck with Darnold for two years now after selecting him two picks higher than the Dolphins selected Tua, so it’s kind of a wash for me. But all that matters in the end is what DeShaun is after. He’s the one with the no-trade clause so he’s in the driver’s seat if Houston is serious about moving him.
  13. In year 2 of a very successful rebuild. And if Watson knows anything at all about football history and the typical development of most rookie QBs, that wouldn’t bother him at all. Pretty sure the Bills are pretty happy right now that they kept their “blind trust” in Josh Allen after his (much worse than Tua’s) rookie year. Look, if Watson likes Saleh better, so be it. As a NYer, I’ve seen firsthand the utter despair Jets fans express year after year. If that what DeShaun wants to be a part of, have at it, and good luck.
  14. The Jets are Deshaun Watson's preferred trade partner. The rightfully disgruntled franchise QB prefers the Jets "because they hired Robert Saleh to be their coach and Watson values Saleh so much he wanted the Texans to interview him for their vacant head coach job," according to the Miami Herald's Armando Salguero. Pretty sure Flores is still a HC of color, of a 10-6 team with a great culture. Somebody better check Watson for a concussion or something. He wants to leave the mess of a franchise that is the Texans, and his preferred team to be traded to is... th
  15. I don’t get the Jets as the favorites at all. It’s been reported that Watson had issues with the Texans franchise culture when it comes to social justice matters and not initially interviewing Bieniemy — issues that allegedly go all the way to the top, to the owner. So given that, why would he waive his no-trade clause to join a franchise owned by Woody Johnson?
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