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  1. Standard 5x5 roto league, who is the better player to have in 2020? Danny Santana or Justin Turner?
  2. Standard 5x5 Roto, do you prefer Castellanos or Pham in 2020?
  3. PPR League Who is the best FLEX play this week? Christian Kirk Sterling Shepard Adrian Peterson Marlon Mack Thanks in advance!
  4. Standard scoring, who would you go with this week? Wentz or Tannehill Thanks in advance
  5. Standard 5x5 Roto League. Dynasty Who would you rather have in a dynasty league moving forward? WHIR
  6. Looking at their roster, he probably doesn't break through until next season. I don't think he plays over any of Peralta, Marte or Jones. So in that regard, it's not a good destination for him until next season.
  7. How are his batted ball metrics looking during this extended slump that he's been in? Has he just been getting unlucky or is it a sign of something worse?
  8. I think you need to get more honestly. Mondesi for a buck is big time value. Sure he was playing way above his head to start the year, but he's still a huge SB threat in a league where no one runs anymore.
  9. In a standard 5x5 Roto Dynasty league, who has the greater value, in a vacuum; Kyle Hendricks or Matt Olson? Thanks and WHIR
  10. Just to clarify, this is Edwin Encarnacion for David Price.
  11. Standard 5x5 Roto league, is Edwin for Price a fair trade? Or is someone getting much more value out of this?
  12. Very discouraging start tonight following 2 good starts. Thought he was finally getting it back together.
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