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  1. Rogers was warming and ready in the pen for most of the 9th while Robles was pitching. Robles allowed just the one hit, and I imagine Rogers would have been in if Robles had allowed a second baserunner. It's also worth noting that Robles faced the bottom of the order in the 9th. Rogers is clearly the best arm in the pen and will be utilized in the highest leverage situations which may or may not come in the 9th inning. My best guess is that Robles is something like 50% of a closer moving forward.
  2. Didn't look good. Brujan is the obvious (only?) potential replacement on the 40-man if Kiermaier misses time.
  3. PURE SPECULATION POST Josiah Gray had been listed as OKC's opening night starter, but the OKC website is now showing TBD. Kinda odd! Dodgers need a starter for this Saturday. They could (and most likely will) go with the bullpen game, and Roberts said just this past week that it's not yet Josiah Gray's time, but managers lie or change their minds all the time. Something to monitor.
  4. Last call. Draft tomorrow at 12 ET / 9 PT. One spot remaining.
  5. Does anyone know how Fantrax handles auto-drafters in an auction? This is our first year playing on Fantrax. On ESPN, auto-drafters would auto-bid based on the ESPN projected value. I don't see any projected value in the Fantrax draft room or in the "rank players" section.
  6. Bro I appreciate the concern, but this league has been around for like 15 years and the commish is a fairly high-profile guy in sports analytics.
  7. There are a couple of spots available in the most fun, active, and competitive league I've ever played in. (I am not Dan, I'm just communicating the message to the rotoworld forums). League settings: Fantrax. Draft Sunday March 28th at noon eastern and typically takes about five hours. 20 teams. "Real" MLB rosters (C 1B 2B 3B SS CF 2xOF Util 11xP 6xBench 3xIL). Roto scoring: OBP SLG R RBI SB-CS W K SV ERA WHIP. Minimum 1,000 IP to qualify for ERA and WHIP; max 162 G per position and 1,458 IP. All non-collusive trade structures permitted, suc
  8. Hah, really enjoyed this one. My man Stevie nailed this on the head. It is particularly irksome when people reference statistical concepts incorrectly. "Underlying metrics regressing to the league average" is such a buzzword-laden nonsense phrase. And the idea that regression towards the mean indicates that a player projects to be league average moving forward has to be an intentionally obtuse explanation of the concept.
  9. Retroactively becoming a reporter for MASNSports.com has to be against Yankees team protocol. He didn't even disclose reasons.
  10. Hey guys, If you are more outraged about sports teams postponing games than you are about rampant police brutality in this country, then you are very much part of the reason why these athletes feel the need to take a stand like this in the first place. Thanks
  11. I'm gonna roll with an appeal to authority and outsource my analysis to major league teams. If the Rays, Yankees, Brewers, or Astros acquire him, then he's a huge target for me. If the Phillies acquire him, then stay tf away.
  12. Crazy that US scouts missed on this guy, but UK Scouts absolutely nailed the breakout:
  13. No official confirmation that it's Senzel, but Senzel was ushered off the field by the 3rd base coach at the end of last night's game: If true, this would also lead to more questions, e.g. "How long did CIN know Senzel was positive" and "Why didn't they remove him from the game sooner" and "Seriously guys, wtf?"
  14. Bro you made my day. I got such a kick out of this post that I changed my team name to "Bo Knows Flow" and created a gif:
  15. 33 innings is more than enough of a sample for a ~17% swinging strike rate, ~45% K rate to mean something. Pomeranz is probably SD's best reliever right now* but he's more valuable to them in a more versatile role than being confined to the 9th. *Shoutout to Kirby Yates who's absolutely still a top 10/15 reliever in the bigs. Pierce Johnson also legit af. Pagan, Stammen, Tim Hill-- man that pen is stacked
  16. Neat little fun fact of the day via the CHW broadcast. Today's 1-4 of Robert/Moncada/Abreu/Grandal is the first time Cuban players have hit in the top four spots of a lineup in major league history.
  17. Appending the Yermin post: Upon further research, he did log a couple of innings in LF in two Summer Camp games. Played some 3B during intrasquad games. Apparently made a gem in left against Eloy
  18. Yermin Mercedes is up. From Longenhagen: Fat(stout and beefy?) chance he sees any time behind the plate with Grandal, McCann, and Collins also on the roster. He's also blocked for PA's at the DH spot, especially with McCann hitting well again this year. Someone to keep an eye on, and would almost certainly be a top-10 C play on any day he's in the starting lineup.
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