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  1. Well Justin Fields just announced he has epilepsy (although no seizures) so perhaps that impacts his draft placement. Again I have no idea who the Niners plan to pick at 1.3. It obviously could be Lance, but it sure seems like he would have been there beyond the 1.3 so trading up that far was overkill if he's their guy. Like @PisEdiRin said we'll find out soon. https://www.nfl.com/news/ohio-state-qb-justin-fields-has-confirmed-to-nfl-teams-he-s-managing-epilepsy
  2. I think the Niners made a mistake for trading that much draft capital for whatever QB that's going to be there at 1.3. If the pick is Trey Lance *and* he has a successful career in SF then I'll eat my plate of crow. He could turn out to be the next Matt Ryan, but it wouldn't shock me if he had a decent run of 2 games to 2 years or so then imploded (see Danny Dimes). The "big armed mobile QB with fixable footwork and accuracy issues that faced questionable level of competition" types don't generally have a great track record in the NFL.
  3. Hey it worked for the Giants picking Saquon Barkley as a spark for the offense at 1.02, look at all those playoff wins he's been a key in winning.
  4. Yeah Cam isn't a great QB but arguing that's the major source of NE offensive woes is overlooking reality. Their QB is only borderline starter quality but their other skill players aren't even that. Unless / until NE gets some better talent all across the offense then Cam is the perfect fit since he's dirt cheap and saves cap space for later once they actually have reason to spend money on a better QB. Blaming Cam is like blaming the engine in this car for why it doesn't win races.
  5. Ha, it's great how even in our RW forums draft no one wants to give ARod a pass catcher. We're working on 3rd year without drafting even a single WR for him much less with a high pick. Suck it MVP boy and enjoy yet another year with Allen Lazard or Marquez Valdes-Scantling as your WR2. And don't complain because we just drafted Jordan Love last year in the 1st and he won't bitch if we let him start instead of you. He'll throw balls to Eqanimeous St-Brown and like it.
  6. Was planning on taking LB Nick Bolton but he went pick before mine. Other option was a RB to back up CMC since Mike Davis is gone, value didn’t seem right with what was left on the board. Wasn’t excited about the Mills pick at all and honestly the Bears might have dodged a bullet.
  7. Sorry for the delay guys, I was with my kids at Six Flags today and just got back. Panthers select Davis Mills, QB Stanford. He doesn’t have many starts but has ideal size as is a toolsy sort of project player. Don’t know if he’ll turn out to anything much, but then again I don’t think Darnold will either.
  8. I've been assigned the Panthers and can take on the Ravens or Bears as my 2nd.
  9. Jets gonna jets and do stupid things.
  10. It seems like drafting one at time for rounds 3 and above will take forever, and at this point the well-known names are already taken. Might be better to simply assign a team or two to people in the thread, and say how they'd prioritize their remaining draft spots in terms of positions and one or two prospects they'd really hope fell to them. For example, if I were assigned the Browns I'd say after going LB and Edge in 1/2, the next position I really gotta fill in the 3rd is CB since Greedy Williams scares me without much depth behind him (and I might double-dip on it later on). Looking for
  11. That's the saddest true statement I've heard in a while.
  12. I feel like given who’s still on the board and team needs, the next 6 picks or so are really obvious.
  13. More like they'll extrapolate Dalton's Chicago future based on Chicago's past, especially considering the news that HC Nagy is resuming play calling and we know how things went the last time he did. I like Dalton, think he was undervalued and unappreciated for years in fantasy circles while laboring under the Bengals ineptness, but the Bears situation isn't much better. https://www.si.com/nfl/bears/news/bears-coach-matt-nagy-resumes-calling-plays-for-2021
  14. So floor of waiver wire to sometimes high level backup (Foles), to ceiling of a decent but not amazing starting QB (Eli). Sounds like Trubisky and Cutler, but only with the slight wrinkle if those guys were capable of winning a Super Bowl if and only if playing the Patriots and with the help of at least one Helmet Catch type play? That sounds exactly like a Bears kinda pick.
  15. Don't know how our draft will go, but in the real life draft if Najee Harris is still there for the Steelers in the late 2nd you figure they're going to pull the trigger. Despite their need on the OL I can't think they'd be OK with rolling into 2021 with either Benny Snell, Anthony McFarland, or god forbid Kalen Ballage as their starting RB. That pick will bite them in the a** when their OL and Big Ben perform like **** and the RB gets hit in the backfield 3/4 of the time.
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