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  1. I'm imagining him playing a Frank Gore type spoiler role for the next 10 years. Get 150-200 touches at 3 ypc so he's not worthy of rostering for fantasy purposes, but simultaneously take away enough touches to torpedo the value of other RBs on the roster (killing Drake's value in MIA, Singletary's in BUF, Marlon Mack's in IND). Alex Collins owners are salivating with the idea that he'd seize a workhorse role and continue to keep Rashaad Penny as COP back in SEA, but if Bell goes there that's going to go up in smoke. Bell will suck just enough to not have any value on his own, but tantalize
  2. Pats? A cheap rookie contract Minshew ($900k cap hit for 2021) being mentored by a cheap Cam being signed to another $2mm deal would probably appeal to them given their roster situation. Why bring in someone like JimmyG who will cost $20mm/year more than Minshew and probably won't give you 20x as much production per cap dollar? Minshew can probably be had for almost free in trade capital (if he doesn't get cut outright) which means they can devote their draft resources to offensive weapons they sorely need. Bring in ARob, Curtis Samuel, and Gerald Everett in FA and let Minshew rip with Cam
  3. Sewell won't make it to 6th overall unless the Bengals trade out of 5th. Might not even make it past 3rd overall with Miami. But if I'm the 'Fins then ideal scenario is trading down with the Eagles and giving 1.3 for the Eagles 2021 1st (1.6), 2021 2nd (2.37), and Zach Ertz who da Iggles want to move anyway. Eagles probably won't take that deal though and will draft a WR instead even though OL would be better for their rebuild.
  4. You can get pass catching backs better than Bell for lower price and get better production. You can normally get guys like J.D. McKissic or Nyhem Hines for free in auctions or on waiver wire, and even guys that got some buzz as a PPR pass catching back like Chris Thompson are easily had in late rounds. Like @SharkSwimmer I'm hoping someone picks up Bell in the draft and holds the dude for half the season waiting for production that won't come. Think about it, when's the last time someone in Bell's position came back to fantasy relevance after stinking it up for a couple years? Doug Martin
  5. I think he'll get a low salary contract that's mostly performance incentives (that he won't meet) so I think he'll be on a team. But mostly as depth and will likely be a game day healthy scratch most weeks. Even then I can't really see a path to season long fantasy relevance for him. Perhaps he can be an extreme low-cost filler for a DFS contest. But name recognition will probably price him out of that role also, his salary on DraftKings was typically over $4,000 and some weeks over $5k. Which isn't huge money (top RBVs are easily twice that, sometimes triple), but he should be priced in th
  6. Can you name any college which has consistently produced good quarterbacks in the last couple decades, or even more than 1 elite QB? A couple of starters from Oklahoma, a couple from North Carolina. Then for elite guys that’s across the board, from California to Michigan to Wisconsin. You seem to be singling out Alabama for lack of success in producing quality quarterbacks, but seem to have overlooked that no other school seems to have a secret sauce recipe for it either.
  7. So does the Alabama bust theory only apply to QBs then? Alabama QBs aren't the only ones who get to play on a team full of NFL-level talent playing inferior "normal college athletes" in other schools, but you seem to assert that's the causal reason QBs proceed to bust in the NFL. If so why are only 'Bama QBs impacted by this and not skill player guys like Julio Jones, Amari Cooper, Mark Ingram, Derrick Henry as well as probably an entire Pro Bowl team worth of defensive NFL starters who are Alabama alums?
  8. With Russ I can't see DK dropping below WR6 overall and easy 2nd round pick in redraft. Without Russ and with a Winston or Fitz, you gotta think in redraft he drops to a middling WR2 level pick in the McLaurin / DJ Moore range in the late 4th or so. If it's some random JAG like Trubisky the dude is probably down into maybe not even a WR2 / DJ Chark level 6th rounder. Convince me I'm wrong.
  9. How about guys who went to small schools and faced constant adversity and still sucked (see Joe Flacco from U of Delaware as a prime example)? And how do you grade guys that aren't from Alabama but aren't from "small schools" either? Geno Smith was lighting it up the year before he was drafted and made Stedman Bailey and Tayvon Austin look like the next superstar NFL receivers then got drafted and busted big-time but not before being punched by his own teammate and getting benched by multiple teams multiple times. Yeah I'll agree that Ohio St, USC, and Alabama have been producing QBs that te
  10. Cowboys learned nothing from the Redskins debacle with Kirk Cousins. Either you sign the guy to an extension, or you trade his a**. Don't screw around with applying the franchise tag then eventually refuse to sign him or pay up to tag him again, and watch him to another team for no compensation to your team for the time and expense of tagging him multiple times.
  11. The Bills can add a solid WR contributor on in the 3rd or maybe even 4th draft rounds - Trevon Grimes from Florida and Nico Collins from Michigan would be examples. Or a higher rated player like Terrace Marshall Jr. might fall. I don't think the Bills need a high priced FA receiver, just a decent starter level player to ensure Diggs isn't constantly double teamed. John Brown did fine in exactly that role, although he's obviously capable of his own 1k season when healthy, While any money spent on an FA receiver won't be a complete waste, it's obviously going to have less impact than spendi
  12. A system which would "fit his running style well"? I suppose you mean a place where he expects to not really run at all? I wonder how many teams have that type of opening available. Maybe Bell aspires to the old Eddie Lacy scheme fit.
  13. So it seems either the Eagles situation was either (A) Packers' Mike McCarthy era when the coach was calling terrible plays and ARod was basically ignoring him and changing plays, and he turned into an MVP once the bad coach was gone, (B) Rams with Sean McVay and Goff where the coach was covering up a skills gaps in a player mostly uninterested in taking constructive criticism, and eventually the coach wasn't able to hide the QB deficiencies anymore and once the QB was traded away it was obvious the dude was a bum and the coach was correct, or (C) a Broncos and Jay Cutler situation where both
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