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  1. Why is Gordon batting ninth all the time? Mallex Smith has been terrible for the M's, and you'd think they'd want a veteran at the top of the lineup showing Smith how it's done. Anyone with any info on why the M's have Gordon so low in the order?
  2. Dealt some decent minor leaguers for Happ and Suter in a 20-team league where starting pitching is scarce. Here's hoping his mid-80's magic continues for the rest of the year.
  3. Great to see you back in action, bogfella. Your pitching insights are always sage and are greatly appreciated. (-) Brandon Morrow: I know you've always loved him, bog, but I'm still fairly wary of his injury history and his walk rate. We've seen high walk guys curb their habit for entire years before only to have them crash and burn back into old habits the very next season. When analyzing and projecting for guys like Morrow, I'm reminded of Oliver Perez back in '04. Perez was studly that season, and we all thought he'd turned a corner. Then he went out in '05 and proceeded to give back all t
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