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  1. It's amazing how short fantasybplayers' memories are. This guy is a locked WR1 while in the game. I'm buying everywhere I can. I can't believe this is even a discussion 😂
  2. Arians literally said when you can have a cheap backup like fournette, you do it. And Jones is not pedestrian. I know there's a lot of lenny fan boys in here, but jones is a different human than he was when he came in the league. If lenny didn't break off that long run in garbage time a few games ago, people would see him for what he is. I own lenny myself, but he's not good against good defenses. He's a downhill runner that exceeds against bad defenses. His competition however is currently much better than him, whether you want to believe it or not. "RB Ronald Jones II has the 7th-worst
  3. You guys aren't paying attention to what's going on on the ground there. ROJO is a different human than he was when he came into the league
  4. Idk, he just looked so bad last year..even with running lanes he looked slow. I think I'm gonna let someone else have him this year
  5. Rojo still had over 4ypc behind that crappy line and improved on pass protection late in the year. He had the wrong attitude year one and paid for it. He changed his attitude, body, and work ethic last off-season. Arians likes Rojo, but given what they have and want (Superbowl bound team) they need another rb regardless. What does Arians love and value? Pass catching rbs. Hence the pick. Rojo is not a terrible pass catcher either. He caught 31/49 targets for 342 yards (Only one of those was a drop). I have followed the bucs pretty closely and believe this is Rojos job to lose. The only w
  6. Tough to take anything after that seriously, true or not
  7. Conner is freaking good. I got burned by him this season as well, but not due to his talent. He torn his acl in college and I believe that's it for major injuries(aside from this year where the coaching staff rushed him back). When I judge players, I first grade them off talent and Conner has it. Bad year? Yes. Selling low? Absolutely not. And they are definitely not bringing Bell back. They have way too many other holes. "Keep him as a backup?" lmao If he continues to be injury prone, i could see him getting less carries per game, but he is too good to be riding a backup spot.
  8. Buy low in dynasty if you can..guy is still a stud
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