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  1. It's a toss up between Powell and Williams, but I give Powell the edge just because of usage. thanks for mine
  2. I like Eli here, with Beckham really heating up. Help?
  3. I actually like Carson here against Ind weak defense. Mixon is coming into his own but hasn't really broken out. If you need upside go with Mixon but Carson has a higher floor. Help?
  4. I like T.Y. here also. Brissett and Hilton are a good combination and JB can scramble out of pressure. Thanks for mine
  5. I would be tempted make a deal now also. IMO you really need a RB1 for him, and neither CMC or Mixon are that. You may have to drop down a tier to get a deal. But you should still be able to get one RB1 and a upside RB2, (like Mixon) just not a top 3 talent like Zeke. Hope that helps. help with mine?
  6. 12 team non-ppr league Ingram - vs Mia Carson vs Ind i like Kelley but don't feel good about his Q tag with Monday night game WHIR 100%
  7. It's a relief that they got him. I may grab him in a 2 QB league as a bye week backup. He will help Ajayi and Parker otherwise their value tanks.
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