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  1. Most purists consider a dynasty league to be 25-spot or greater rosters, with annual rookie drafts. My league is a glorified keeper - keep any number of players (0-16) for as long as you'd like, lose as many picks in the rookie/FA draft as you keep - but we call it dynasty because it's fun to do so lol. I consider it a pseudo dynasty based on being able to keep entire rosters if we so choose, but our shallow 16-man rosters and no dedicated rookie draft keep it from being a true dynasty IMO.
  2. 10-team, non-PPR, superflex My winning lineup was: QB: Watson RB: Cook, Kamara WR: Adams, AJB TE: Tonyan Flex: Dobbins Superflex: Murray D/ST: BAL
  3. ^Exactly this, on both counts. Super stoked on this guy, and he seems to be a better NFL citizen than Gordon ever was.
  4. Don't need anything as my results are already locked up in both leagues, but would love to see JKD do good things against the Cowboys cuz it would be fun to see and would give me extra hope for next year in dynasty.
  5. An early first is a good return on Tyler Boyd IMO
  6. He's worth shopping almost regardless of how the rest of your roster looks. He's a good player and still relatively young (26) so he can be useful to a competitor or a rebuilder. He's not an otherworldly talent or fantasy producer tho, so absolutely see if you can get anything worthwhile for him if it would help your build.
  7. In case the tone of my post didn't properly convey it, I'm 100% grateful to have and start Hockenson every week. I absolutely recognize what I've got!
  8. The lack of ceiling games is frustrating, but I LOVE the usable floor at a position which so often contributes next to nothing. I trot him out every week with confidence that he will score meaningful points and not lose me a week with a goose egg.
  9. And that's ultimately where the problem lies IMO. Wentz has been atrocious this year, and it's killing all of their skill players' fantasy value.
  10. Dynasty, 10-team, superflex, non-PPR - first team in sig Between weeks 7 and 8: Gave: Herbert/Swift Received: Tua/Kamara Between weeks 8 and 9: Gave: Tua/Mixon Received: KMurray/Moss
  11. In non-PPR he finished WR39 before the Monday game has been played, so that was some solid ranking!
  12. Kamara is #1 in any sort of PPR (67 receptions), but Cook (16 receptions) still has a minor edge in non-PPR (181.1 to 179.4 for Kamara) and hasn't played yet this week. Not trying to be a wet blanket since Kamara is an undeniable stud, but he's not #1 everywhere
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