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  1. I was watching the game and he was getting pinched by the ump early and looked frustrated. Detroit went off after that. He doesn't look the part to me.
  2. *Runs in gasping out of breath to this thread* I have been targeting Alfaro and Posey. I hate Alfaro's swing and miss, but I hate Posey's power sap. Its a lose/lose. I am going to run with Alfaro though. It think that he can still do a 17hr and 65/65 if the cards fall right. Posey is my safety play.
  3. Not really as far as I can remember. I can't speak for before the Indians though.
  4. No reason to bring him back now in my opinion. Jokes on you guys. I didn't have McCaffrey, but started his backup and managed to squeak my way OUT of the playoffs.
  5. All signs point to him starting as their WR3. Worth a dart throw (especially in dynasty) if you have the room.
  6. I was offered a ticket last night to the game, but I knew the weather at game time. I will drink $20 worth of beer at home. Easy pass for me today. I would be taking the under for sure.
  7. Constant rain here. Just cold and miserable. Browns are going to play to their strength with the run. Wind wont be an issue. It is only about 5mph.
  8. Do you guys draft a receiver because which hand the QB uses? I may be out of me league here.
  9. 5-95 and a DPI on TD pass is where I have him. Also, he still catches the DPI TD pass.
  10. The guy is probably going average 3-50 each week going forward. Touchdowns are hit or miss, but I would guess 5 more. That is still pretty solid for a waiver wire TE.
  11. Welp. I am down to Dan Arnold or Jace Sternberger in my dynasty. We can't pick up players until our supplemental draft between weeks 3 and 4. Can someone start a Dan Arnold hype train for me? Thanks in advance.
  12. He runs hard and has good vision. I watched him quite a bit after I picked him up off the WW. He has the ability to turn any play into a big gain. Sad that he plays second fiddle to another back this year, but that is just the way of the road. That can change in an instant. I would rather own him than not if an injury happens.
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