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  1. Starting to cool off. What is to be expected ROS? I know he’s not a power guy and that average isn’t sustainable but could he be a 10hr/15sb guy with a .270avg and score 75-80 runs? That’ll play in a 12-team league esp when he’s a dude mostly everyone got for free.
  2. 12-team, H2H, 5x5 standard category league. Joey Votto is heating up and his statcast numbers show it’s no fluke. However I’m having difficulty figuring out who to drop on my team to add him. I’m currently in first place but always looking to improve my team. Who would be the drop if anyone? C- Travis d’Arnaud 1B- Matt Olson 2B- Ozzie Albies 3B- Eugenio Suarez SS- Trea Turner OFs- Byron Buxton, Tommy Pham, Trey Mancini UTIL- Nick Solak, Shohei Ohtani Bench- Cedrick Mullins SPs- Shane Beiber, Corbin Burnes, Blake Snell, Sandy Alcantara, Ian
  3. I would go for the first deal to get Goldy and Pham. Pham isn’t off to a great start but he’s hitting the ball hard and eventually the results will follow. I hate to lose Meadows cuz I feel he’s going to have a bounceback season but the return will help your team. Thanks for the help with mine!
  4. 12-team, H2H, Standard 5x5 cat league Jacob Junis seems very intriguing with his new cutter and has been impressive in his two starts. Thinking about adding him to further solidify my rotation. I have been dominating pitching at the moment but an extra arm wouldn’t hurt. Considering dropping Jordan Hicks since Reyes has the closing gig and this is a saves only league. Any thoughts? C- Travis d’Arnaud 1B- Matt Olson 2B- Ozzie Albies 3B- Eugenio Suarez SS- Trea Turner OFs- Byron Buxton, Tommy Pham, Trey Mancini UTIL- Shohei Ohtani, Nick Sol
  5. Been hearing more about his new cutter and how it’s become a top pitch for him. They were raving about it on CBS Fantasy Baseball Today and how he’s gaining a great whiff rate with it. Apparently he used it even more against Toronto yesterday. He’s definitely worth an add. He’s still young so who knows, you potentially could have yourself a Diamond in the rough. These types of pitchers are waiver wire gold this early in the season when other managers are highly skeptical or just unaware of changes in aresenal/mechanics.
  6. So his last start was decent even though he didn’t make it to 5 complete innings. Gotta love those 8ks though. The velocity is also nice to see. Next start in Colorado is one to avoid but moving forward after that game how does everyone view him?
  7. So looks like Melancon is the main man for saves in that bullpen. Closer Monkey (even tho they’re not as accurate as this forum) states that it’s still a committee but I just haven’t seen it. I unfortunately drafted Pomeranz and Pagan and can’t even figure out who’s the second in line at this point.
  8. Hard to add him in SV only leagues but those ratios sure do look enticing
  9. 12-team, H2H, Standaed 5x5 cat league Been thinking of adding Jared Walsh but not sure who I would drop. Thinking maybe Pederson but not sure. C- Travis d’Arnaud 1B- Matt Olson 2B- Ozzie Albies 3B- Eugenio Suarez SS- Trea Turner OFs- Byron Buxton, Tommy Pham, Trey Mancini UTIL- Shohei Ohtani, Clint Frazier Bench- Joc Pederson, Nick Solak Sps- Shane Beiber, Blake Snell, Corbin Burnes, Sandy Alcantara, Ian Anderson RPs- Hector Neris, Alex Reyes, Jordan Hicks, Drew Pomeranz, Emilio Pagan, Devin Williams
  10. Very true. And at least you know it’s between Merryweather and Romano splitting it. San Diego has a lot of solid arms meaning Pagan has a lot more competition. I think Pomeranz would get the chance if Melancon got hurt personally.
  11. 12-team, H2H, standard 5x5 cat league. Since it’s saves only I really want to add Merryweather but not sure who to drop. Obviously I don’t want to lose any of my SP below but rather drop a RP since most of mine aren’t getting saves. Who should it be? SPs: Shane Bieber, Sandy Alcantara, Blake Snell, Ian Anderson, Corbin Burnes RPs: Devin Williams, Drew Pomeranz, Emilio Pagan, Hector Neris, Jordan Hicks, Alex Reyes
  12. I am in the exact situation. Merryweather is available and I drafted Pagan, Pomeranz thinking either of them would close and then drafted Reyes and Hicks and also Neris. I don’t think Pagan is gonna get the job before Pomeranz but I could be wrong. But I think between merryweather and Romano it’s going to be matchup based on what the the most dangerous part of the order is up in 8th or 9th so I would roster both of them. Pagan is the drop for me but would love to know what you think.
  13. As an owner of both Pagan and Pomeranz I’m disappointed it’s Melancon but I do like that Pagan has given me two wins in two games. I’m torn to dropping them cuz literally either one of them has the stuff to be a closer. My luck I drop one of them and they get an opportunity.
  14. He was pitching in the snow. I wouldnt worry about the velocity.
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