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  1. Amari has historically been able to play through pain so let's hope the trend continues. For now I am confident he will play this week.
  2. I believe if he gets franchised in that scenario but doesnt sign he would he in the same situation as lev bell. So he would have to sit out a year and not sign the franchise tag contract.
  3. https://1053thefan.radio.com/blogs/1053-fan/cowboys-and-elliott-agree-principle-deal-press-conf States press conference wednesday
  4. Bump - any more thoughts on this guy?
  5. Good point. The majority of these guys will miss expectations and the vast majority will be unpredictable. Look at the old threads on this forum. With that being said... it sure is fun trying to find the guys that will make a difference.
  6. Baseball is different. Teams hold players in a minor league, that no other league has an equivalent of, to maintain longer rights to a player because their is no salary cap even though these players can improve their team.
  7. I have to assume the marlins would wait until super 2 is for sure before calling him up.
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