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  1. Any chance he's being kept down just to continue improving his defense?
  2. Congratulations, Tyler Wade, at least you got a forum thread. In all seriousness, he still has a shot for a utility role, but is non-rosterable for even the deepest AL-only leagues now.
  3. I think Buxton has the highest upside of the group, and Ohtani’s trade value could be at its highest. I would make that deal.
  4. I hear you on the pitching, but the top remaining SP’s are Shoemaker, R. Lopez, Heaney, Liriano, Boyd, Cashner, and Kennedy. Yuck.
  5. The A’s just signed him or do you mean because he’s terrible? Position scarcity is emphasized in these formats. The best remaining catcher after the draft was James McCann.
  6. There's talk in Yankees camp of Tyler Wade winning the second base job to start the season. If so, what's the potential in 2018? Worth keeping an eye on? Must have for deep leagues? AL-Only? Obviously, he struggled in the big leagues last year, but his proven speed could be an asset, especially if he comes close to the on-base skills he showed in AAA in 2017.
  7. I have one available bench spot to supplement my lineup in an AL-Only league that uses the 5 standard categories plus OBP. How would you rank the following four guys, and I’ll list my current team below. As you’ll see, I’m emphasizing offense over pitching (Holds are included) this year, but that’s a separate conversation. Lucroy, Choo, Piscotty, Gurriel C - Ramos 1B - Encarnacion 2B - Dozier SS - Polanco 3B - Machado OF - Upton OF - Olson OF - DeShields UT - Beltre Bench - Brantley, Haniger, Candelario SP - Richards,
  8. If there's no other news between now and the first game, nope...and I'm in an AL-only playoff matchup.
  9. Is Salazar basically undraftable other than the deepest of leagues next spring? I need to decide tonight if he's worth keeping in the 16th round of an 8-team AL-Only league next year. Thoughts?
  10. Just got home to catch Salazar's big return. Had to use him for the double-start in a big week before playoffs! Hope I didn't miss anything! . . . Uhh.
  11. Happ has been very inconsistent lately. Is he a bench/drop in deep leagues? He's given up WHIP and innings for K's since mid last season.
  12. It's pretty easy to research this stuff, but he had a partial dislocation of his kneecap sideline him midyear. Before the injury, he had a 2.77 ERA, 1.12 WHIP and 9.6 K/9. His first three starts off the DL sucked, but his last two have been good.
  13. They're playing two games in Washington. Is it a given that he plays 1B over Pujols both games? That's what I was asking.
  14. Does anyone know if Cron will start both games in Washington this week?
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