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  1. Funny you mention Arrieta, I saw this about 10 minutes ago on Pitcherlist:
  2. I would not bet on that. The fundamentals of both his repertoire and pitching motion are too different from Burnes. I think Peralta can be a valuable piece, but you have to realize he is very volatile. He is closer to Robbie Ray then he is Burnes right now. The curious thing will be what happens when he faces good teams that don't swing at pitches 8 inches out of the zone. Right now he has shown me some potential, but I want to see if he can be a top 50 starting pitcher first, and I haven't seen that yet from him.
  3. I noticed this too, he was hovering in the high 90s early on, and by the 9th was more in the mid-low 90s. With starters going 5ip more often, he might be more valuable as an elite RP that can get you to the 9th inning.
  4. Agreed. There are a few teams (Atlanta, Dodgers) which I will generally bench a starter against, unless he is a proven top 30 SP.
  5. Some sites were big into him in early March. Glad I nabbed him early on before he blew up in the second half of March. Brock brought up what nobody wanted to talk about so they could get him sneakily in their later drafts lol 😆. Hopefully some of you saw this thread opened and nabbed him.
  6. Fowler might not even need a DL stint, but miss at least a few games. Assuming LA is going to give Pujols some starts, I would start Walsh in RF and then shift him defensively to 1st base later in the game.
  7. He is smoking the ball when he hits it, the problem is he is hitting a ton of groundballs and no flyballs. He gets his launch angle up a little, 40HRs is coming.
  8. It's bush league, and pathetic. I mean its intentional cheating.
  9. Looking downright terrible out there. No pitch recognition and may as well be swinging blindfolded.
  10. He was trying to throw his fastball at 98 the first inning, and couldn't control it. By the 3rd and 4th he was throwing it at 95, and showing much better control. His slider looked pretty solid, which is nice to see.
  11. I just don't know how long he is going to last running around CF, especially with not a great throwing arm. I can also see him stealing less to help preserve his body longer. I have moved on, but I can see holding on if there are no better replacements.
  12. I think he will be solid player, but not necessarily a big fantasy commodity. You probably looking at a Tommy Edman like performance, but trading some SBs for a few more HRs as his reasonable upside. I think he can go .260 16/10 this year. If he can move his way up the lineup, he should get more RBIs since he should hit a lot of doubles. He could go crazy and maybe more 20/15, or he could be back in the minors in May if he really scuffs to Kieboom type levels. I think Cincy sees his bat at being able to hit for just enough average and power to make him at least an average 2B play
  13. Antone hasn't pitched in weeks and had back to back injuries, so he isn't exactly the healthiest arm they have right now. I think after a month or two of getting into a groove, he will eventually get another shot at starting.
  14. The tools are there. What he needs is health to get into a rhythm. But him going 20/20 this year if he can see 145+ games is def. a possibility. The groin injury makes me a littler nervous, and his value takes a hit if the Reds want him to steal less to protect more against injuries.
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