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  1. Who would you start in a 0.5 PPR league? McKissic @SF Hines @LV
  2. 0.5 PPR WR Chris Godwin (vs KC) WR Cole Beasley (vs LAC) RB Nyheim Hines (vs Ten) I’m leaning Beasley or Hines.
  3. 10 Team H2H Keeper, 0.5 PPR RB2: JD McKissic (@Det) or Duke Johnson (@Cle) Flex: John Brown (@Ari), Chris Godwin (@Car), Malcolm Brown (vs Sea)
  4. I mean I’d you can convince him to take a later pick, it might be worth it but as it stands I wouldn’t do it.
  5. I mean my options aren’t great... WR: Adams, Metcalf, Godwin, Corey Davis, John Brown, Beasley RB: Henry, McKissic, Burkhead, Hines, Hyde, Malcolm Brown
  6. I have Metcalf, this guy wants him. How does this trade look? I get: Stefan Diggs, CEH, Melvin Gordon I give: Metcalf, Brady, Beasley
  7. I’d go for the deal as is without Tonyan. Save that for if you really need to tip the scales.
  8. Would you trade Tom Brady/DK Metcalf for DJ Moore/ either Melvin Gordon or CEH? 10 team keeper league My others at those spots: QB - Wilson, Rodgers WR - Adams, Godwin, Corey Davis, Beasley, John Brown RB - Henry, McKissic, Malcolm Brown, Hines, Hyde, Burkhead
  9. I had just been offered James Robinson/Stefan Diggs/Melvin Gordon for Henry/DK Metcalf
  10. The Barkley deal would basically be me throwing in the towel on the season somewhat (I’m currently 3-4). My goal was to get that kind of package for him, the people I’m dealing with are trying to take advantage of my weak a** RB2. Earlier I had an offer of Fournette/Diggs/J Robinson for Rodgers/Henry/Adams...
  11. What should I expect to get back in return? Everyone seems to want him, so trying to weigh moving him or not. 10 team H2H 0.5 PPR keeper league I was offered: #1 Chubb/Justin Jackson #2 Barkley/Gore How far off are they? Team: QB: Wilson, Rodgers RB: Henry, McKissic, Burkhead, Brown, Hyde, Hines WR: Adams, Metcalf, Godwin, John Brown, Beasley, Corey Davis TE: Fant DEF: 49ers
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