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  1. The IL tag and the slow start is why the price could be right. If it was a serious injury, I could see steering clear. I personally think he will be back in the minimum amount of time, and he will be just fine going forward.
  2. Yelich and Albies are two guys I'd try to buy "low." I doubt the owners are going to give them away, but either can probably be had cheaper than their draft day value.
  3. Most of the brand name Rockies hitters have been off to slow starts. When the air heats up a bit in Colorado shortly, buckle up and enjoy the ride 😁
  4. I realize that he's a bit of a gamble at the moment with his back acting up, but if I could trade Harper for Yelich right now, I think I'd still do it....Upside is just to big.
  5. It has been affecting everyone differently. Some people have no symptoms at all, some people have cold like symptoms, and some people claim to have long lasting effects from Covid. It would be impossible for any of us to say what sort of effect it will have on a particular player. If I had to guess though, Teoscar comes back after the minimum time missed and has no lasting symptoms.
  6. I like Dunning going forward, though I doubt we see him go over5 innings unless he is throwing an absolute gen and keeping the pitch count down. Texas seems intent on keeping his innings down,and leaving him in the "opener" type role. If he keeps producing though, there is definitely still value here IMO. Good ratios, handful of Ks, and 5 innings could be good enough for some wins.
  7. Yeah, owning this guy has been brutal so far. I now see why the rest of my league let me have him so cheap during our auction draft. Unfortunately, I feel that there's too much upside to drop, so until he starts hitting, he will be a permanent fixture on my bench.
  8. If he is not testing positive within a few days, I think he should be right back out there.
  9. I'm on mobile so can not see your roster. As others have said though, losing Lynn leaves you dangerously thin at SP. I would hold.
  10. Also depends on what type of league it is I suppose. My league is a H2H league, and I have done this plenty of times (mainly on Sundays.) Before you do it though, you need to take a good look at where you are for the week. For example, you have a hitter left to go in the Sunday night game. You are ahead in runs, RBIs, down a couple of home runs, and barely ahead in AVG and OPS. Here, you figure you're hitter isn't going to hit 3 bombs to win HRs for the week, and you would be gambling your AVG and OPS leads to try to steal that category. You obviously would want to bench your hitter. Unless yo
  11. I personally wouldn't touch Hiura this season. The way he's been hacking at the plate so far, I wouldn't be shocked to see him back in the minors at some point. If it was a dynasty league, and someone was willing to dump Hiura off for dirtt cheap, I'd consider it, but otherwise, I would run.
  12. In a 10 teamer, those guys are all basically streamers, so I would just use the roster spot to stream moving forward.
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