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  1. I'm in a 14 team keeper league where we keep 15 every year, and I have been planning on keeping Gausman since the end of the last season. Not only am I keeping him, but I am happy to do so, and have even gone so far as to trading away a couple of bigger name SPs to make room for him. Just a classic case of an AL journeyman finding the right home in the NL. His fastball velocity was up last season, he was missing bats with his off-speed stuff, and he pitches in a great park. Not expecting a Bieber-esque stat line by the end of the season, but I am confident he can at least pick up where he left
  2. Agree with The truth...Degrom for the pair should be able to get the deal done. I've seen your other posts about dealing DeGrom+ for that duo of players so it's obvious the other owner really wants him. Just tell the guy DeGrom is a stud and instantly gives him a chance to win this year. (Whether or not that's true or not oh well, but you can sell it easy enough lol.)
  3. I would deal Stanton for anything I could get personally. Even if you've just owned him for one season, I assure you every season is the same story with him. Hit a couple homers, IL stint, play a couple more games, out for season. It never hurts to shop him around and see if there is any other interest out there, but I'd take that current deal if you can't find any other potential buyer.
  4. Who would be your LF if you don't deal for Arozarena? I think it's a fair deal if you're a believer in Arozarena. I would probably lean Woodruff just because he is the safer pick of the two. Obviously it's safe to say that Randy has the greater upside though.
  5. Trout, Bellinger, Bichette, Robert are the 4 I would definitely keep. Then it comes down to how you feel about Beuhler and Vlad. If you think LA is going to take the training wheels off Beuhler this season, and let him go deep into games and rack up the stats, I'd keep him. If you think there is a perfect storm brewing in Toronto for Vlad this season , great home park, great young lineup, much better shape physically, then I would keep him. Regardless of who you end up keeping, I would obviously try to move the ones your tossing back via trade before the draft (assuming off season trades are a
  6. Like Hootie said, it really depends on the offer. I could definitely see wanting to secure a stud to bolster your OF. Every time I try to go pitching heavy into a season, I am always looking to trade an arm for a bat after about a month. If it were me, I would look at everyone's rosters, and find the guy with a strong OF and lackluster pitching staff. Then let the trade talks begin!
  7. Just wondering what Robert owners team looks like outside of Robert and Gore. If you are rebuilding, the deal makes sense for you, but I also feel like you may be able to get either an extra player like someone mentioned above, or someone else besides Gore (unless you really like Gore in particular.) I am a huge Robert guy, and actually just dealt Beuhler for him straight up in my keeper league. Degrom is obviously at least a tier above Walker, so just wondering if the guy would be willing to up the offer a little.
  8. I would rather have Albies over Xander personally and try finding a shortstop elsewhere.
  9. I think you could get more for DeGrom Blackmon package personally. Those are pretty big names, who are as reliable as they come. Anyone competing for this year and next year should be all over that duo. I love Eloy and Anderson for that matter, but I think you can do better.
  10. In my 14 team H2H keeper I just made this deal: Gave: $15 Walker Beuhler Got: $7 Luis Robert After starting the preseason with zero SP, I have traded my way to a bit of a surplus. I don't usually own big names SP because they are just too expensive in my league. I get by with the SP 15-30 range, as that's where I feel there can be one great value. Anyways I've been on the hunt for a CF and a 2B for a while now, and finally found one of the two. I may be a bit higher on Robert than some this season, but I personally live this deal for my team.
  11. Soto, Turner, Mondesi, Beuhler, Gio. I would personally consider keeping Alonso over Gio there as well. I have them ranked very close together, and it's just sort of a preference thing whether you prefer to go into the season with more offense or SP. Nola vs Gio also a coin flip, but I just think Gio has more upside and can win more games than Nola this season. I get why people like Yordan in there too, but I like to play it safe most of the time. For Alvarez to be worth keeping, you are not only gambling on his glass knees, but also that he is the real deal. If he is DH only in your league, I
  12. Bichette, Robert, Castillo, Gallen
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