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  1. Dunedin Florida is getting hit by a nasty thunderstorm as we speak. I really hate how the blue jays don’t ever post the lineup, what’s up with that? Now if Bichette sits I can’t replace.
  2. Wonder why he was pulled in the 5th inning
  3. Can’t ever have anything nice, prepare for a long IL stint, dude just blew his hammy.
  4. I moved on, between him collins and Mercedes too many bats there and the others are playing better. Hope I didn’t make a mistake.
  5. This guys goes to San Fran and Los Angeles next week on the road.
  6. Ya this is what I was telling you about.
  7. Non covid related illness, looks like he’s just sick.
  8. Pulled in his second at bat, man this guy just can’t stay healthy.
  9. 12 team redraft 6x6 H2h cats was offered Realmuto, A Meadows, Musgrove and Mccullers for my Degrom, S Murphy and Buxton seems like an easy no, this guy also has bieber and giolito would seem that if he wants degrom he should part with one of them also no?
  10. Yes that one, the one he’s been dealing with his whole career where he’s said he need to tend to all the time.
  11. Wow really? I was thinking Gausman thanks for the opinion. Morton getting older and Gausman pitching in oracle park.
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