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  1. Quickly goes 0-3 3ks not what I wanted to see as soon as I add him. They did say he strikes out a lot right?
  2. I think dude just got benched, sad. Why can’t he do what Harrison is doing?
  3. Dunedin Florida is getting hit by a nasty thunderstorm as we speak. I really hate how the blue jays don’t ever post the lineup, what’s up with that? Now if Bichette sits I can’t replace.
  4. Wonder why he was pulled in the 5th inning
  5. Can’t ever have anything nice, prepare for a long IL stint, dude just blew his hammy.
  6. I moved on, between him collins and Mercedes too many bats there and the others are playing better. Hope I didn’t make a mistake.
  7. This guys goes to San Fran and Los Angeles next week on the road.
  8. Ya this is what I was telling you about.
  9. Non covid related illness, looks like he’s just sick.
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