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  1. The B side of this for me.
  2. Maybe I am not as down on Suarez as other may be, but I think it is a very solid team up and down, especially in a 12-team league. Your pitching has tons of potential, too.
  3. Posted this earlier, but I realized that I am keeping three of these and not two. 12-team, 5x5 mixed league... I have 3 remaining keeper spots (we keep 10). Who should not be kept from these four? Aaron Civale ($3), Max Fried ($3), Zac Gallen ($14), or Edwin Diaz ($15)? Thanks for the help!
  4. McNeil is kind of a wildcard this year, since they added Villar. Cheap enough, I would take a chance. I would cut Verlander and Sale at this point. Beyond that, your keepers look really good and you seem to have most of the categories pretty well covered.
  5. As much as I love Tatis, You are simply losing too much in this one. I would stay put here. Help with mine?
  6. 12-team, 5x5 mixed league... I have 2 remaining keeper spots (we keep 10). Who should be my last two here from these four? Aaron Civale ($3), Max Fried ($3), Zac Gallen ($14), or Edwin Diaz ($15)? Thanks for the help!
  7. If you are rebuilding, I would definitely do this deal! Help with mine?
  8. 12 team mixed roto. I was talking with another team and he would be willing to move Eloy Jimenez ($15). He has interest in Zack Wheeler ($10) and Eugenio Suarez ($15). Is this a good deal for Eloy? I can see merit in doing it vs. not as I have more keepers than I can keep going in... Thanks for the help!!!
  9. 12 team mixed roto... I would get Kyle Tucker at $9 for my Adalberto Mondesi at $11 (for this year and two more years after this). Big fan of both, so I am torn. Any help is really appreciated!
  10. I think in this case, your argument for having two amazing arms going in is justified here. Many are bat heavy, but starting pitching of that caliber can make a big difference. If you can land either of those two at that point, I would think I would have to go for it.
  11. I would say that I have been in that situation a number of times deciding which way to go. But the season is super long, so it doesn't hurt to try and start off competitive and give it some time until you know what you have. That said, it looks like a nice start to your team, so I don't see why you can't compete to win. PS... I would drop all of your hitters to grab more pitching. Help with mine?
  12. I would definitely go with Yoan Moncada and Lourdes Gurriel. Good luck! Help with mine?
  13. Probably Pressley, and I cannot justify either of the bats' salaries, as they are both more or less around the value they should be as a keep, but if I had to choose there, it would be Castellanos.
  14. As much as I am into Luke Voit, I would lean to Alvarez here, but at those prices, it really is a tough call. Help with mine?
  15. Hi! Was offered this deal in my 12-team, 5x5 Mixed. I have my keepers (we keep up to 10), and was offered this. I would get Lance Lynn at $5 for Zack Wheeler at $10 and Zac Gallen at $14. Not sure I was keeping both, due to salary, so Lynn could save me a few dollars going to my auction. But I am not sure if I should stay put or pull the trigger here. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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