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  1. 16 team PPR league. Which of these guys is the better flex option? I'm going to need all the points I can get after Keenan Allen and Hunter Henry combined for 15 points.
  2. 16 team PPR Dynasty league. I have Marshawn Lynch in as my flex, but is either Kerwynn Williams or Eric Ebron a better option? I don't want another one of Marshawn's duds this week, but he is a threat to score at least one TD. WHIR
  3. Wow, tough choices. Give me Westbrook and Davis, but it's hard to sit Woods too. The only one I can say I wouldn't play is Diggs. Thanks for helping with mine.
  4. 16 team PPR league, obviously its the league semi-finals. I have Hunter Henry in as my TE but am wondering about starting Cameron Brate instead since he plays on Monday night (I'd have the last player in the matchup) and also because I already have Keenan Allen and Harrison Butker playing in tonight's game. I hate having that many players in one game, but that might not be a reason to bench a guy. Which tight end do you go with? Leave a link and I'll help in return.
  5. 16 team PPR league. I've already decided to bench McCaffrey this week and will go with either Crabtree or Burkhead. Both have good matchups but who is the best play? In a second league, which is a 16 team Dynasty league, better QB option- Blake Bortles vs. Seattle or Blaine Gabbert vs. Tennessee? Not great options I know, but they are the options I have. Scoring is 1 pt for every 25 passing yards, 6 pts per TD, -3 for INTs and a 5 point bonus for a 300 yard game. Leave a link.
  6. I'm hearing Cooper may actually play, but it's still a good matchup.
  7. I'd go with Winston but I don't think there's anything that really separates any of the 3. Winston would be my gut, I'd go with yours.
  8. Hey guys, it's playoff time and my team has been rolling in my 16 team PPR league. But I took a slight hit with Kamara getting knocked out the other night so my flex play has to pay off. Who's the best choice? Christian McCaffrey vs. Minn Michael Crabtree vs. KC Rex Burkhead vs. Miami I have played CMac EVERY week this season except for his bye and hate to bench him now but the matchup against the Vikings isn't good. I have never started Burkhead this year but his last two games are tough to argue with. Then there's Crabtree, going up against a suspect KC pass
  9. Wow, that's really a crapshoot. I'd rank them in this order. 1. McKissic 2. Parker 3. Woodhead 4. Burkhead 5. Coleman 6. Westbrook Thanks for the help with mine.
  10. 16 team PPR league. Do you play Hunter Henry today against the Cowboys or Cameron Brate against the Falcons in your TE slot? I just noticed that Brate is questionable with an ankle but he's also been almost non existent lately. Problem is, Henry hasn't been much better. Ricky Seals-Jones (who may just be a one hit wonder), is available as a free agent. Who do you go with? Leave a link and I'll help in return.
  11. 16 team PPR Dynasty League. My team is very solid except the QB spot. I have Blake Bortles but picked up Ryan Fitzpatrick this week. Who is the better play at QB? (1 pt. for every 25 yards passing, 6 pts. for TDs, -3 for INTs/fumbles, 5 point bonus for 300 yds. passing) Fitzpatrick vs. NYJ or Bortles vs. LAC? I'm actually leaning towards Fitz. In another league, I a, deciding between Hunter Henry and Cameron Brate at TE. This is also a 16 team PPR league. My opponent has Rivers and I always like to try and eat into their points with WRs/TEs (I also have Ke
  12. I'd go Maclin without much hesitation. Stewart looks terrible at times and I wouldn't start a pass catcher against Denver, even with Ertz out. Help here? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/681784-henry-or-lockett-te-help-whir/?tab=comments#comment-7527262
  13. I'd take a shot on Ivory and hope for a short-yardage TD. I don't see Allen getting much work with the emergence of Alex Collins. Can I get some help here? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/681784-henry-or-lockett-te-help-whir/?tab=comments#comment-7527262
  14. Collins and Walker. Sanders was limited in practice all week and the Broncos have one of the worst offenses in the NFL. Walker could see twice the targets that Davis does and he's just a better player. Help http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/681784-henry-or-lockett-te-help-whir/?tab=comments#comment-7527262
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