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  1. Jones has just looked like the better runner from the moment Ty went down. The stats back that up as well. Jones has 5.3 ypc while Williams has 3.2. Both have 70 rushes on the year. Recent reports of Jones getting back on the field give me hope that by the time Rodgers is back Jones will be as well. Sign me up for a talented lead back on an Aaron Rodgers lead team any week. He could be a great play weeks 15 and 16. Nothing's guaranteed of course but this is about as rewarding of a late season dice roll as there is.
  2. Shrug. Per fftoolbox ATL has the 5th easiest schedule for the remaining games and 7th easiest in the playoffs. A big reason Julio’s fantasy points total is so low is because he hasn’t gotten he tds you would expect. Tds are very fluky, especially for receivers. He’s an elite talent playing with a competent qb with a nice schedule. Sign me up any day.
  3. The injury happened in the first quarter of the game. He went on to play the rest of the game and had 118 yards on 6 catches. The play where he burned the defenders by 10 yards and dropped an easy TD happened in the 4th quarter. Very very hard to see that injury being a high ankle sprain or anything all that serious. Julio is about as juicy of a buy low as there is right now IMO. That schedule the rest of the year looks fantastic.
  4. With news that Ertz is out, I’m debating going Winston over wentz. Thoughts?
  5. Non ppr league. C.J. Anderson, Lynch, Funchess, or Parker at flex?
  6. Non-ppr league. Looking to possibly swap McKinnon and Amendola (two bench pieces) for Baldwin. Should I do it?
  7. Who should I start in a non ppr league now that gronk is out?
  8. I don't really get the paranoia around Doug for this week. I mean, what kind of clarity were we expecting? NFL teams are all about keeping gameplans close to the vest. Coaches/players aren't going to come out and tip their hand by telling the world what the plan is. They are going to give you the same vanilla quotes they always do. The only clarity we get is from how they handled things in the preseason/training camp and how practices have gone this week. By all accounts it's been Doug first man up for all drills (including this week). I'm starting him with confidence personally. I see this as about a perfect as a spot as you can get for Doug's first game back. He's gets to come in with fresh legs against one of the worst defenses in the league on a short week. He will be playing with the most potent offense of his career. Teams won't be able to gameplan for him with all of the other playmakers around him. I just don't get it.
  9. IMO McFadden would be the first man up or at least the guy I would want to own if Zeke were out still. Look at what happened last year with Cameron Artis-Payne. Inactive for weeks and then Stewart went down and boom. Not only was Artis-Payne active but he was the lead dog. My best guess is a very similar situation would unfold in Dallas. Not that my best guess is worth anything. Just my 2 cents.
  10. Who would you rather have ROS in non-ppr league?
  11. Henry for me http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/670596-which-wrs-should-i-start/
  12. I like fitz http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/670596-which-wrs-should-i-start/
  13. Carson http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/670596-which-wrs-should-i-start/
  14. I would go Nelson and pick up brown if necessary
  15. Non ppr league. Need to start to of the following: alshon diggs hilton amendola golladay
  16. I'm in a non-ppr scoring league and was offered Beckham for TY and Dougie. I'm 0-2 in a 12 team league and am really in need of a win. As it stands now TY and Dougie would basically be my last flex play week in, week out so I'm swapping them out for OBJ and then using waiver wire players to fill for injuries/byes. Should I make the trade?
  17. Sorry for leaving that out guys. My team and my league's roster setup is as follows: QB - Winston RB - Zeke WR - Jeffery WR - Diggs (RIP AR's knee) TE - Doyle F - Gurley F - Crowell B - D Martin, C Coleman
  18. Thinking about trading Gurley away for M Thomas in non ppr. Who would you rather have moving forward?
  19. I was just thinking to myself it is interesting that McFadden was a surprise scratch just hours after DJ goes down....I ain't saying, I'm just saying....
  20. I drafted this dude because he was far and away the best player available per rankings. I hadn't done any research on him so when I drafted him I did so begrudgingly cause, you know, he's a limited sample size RB for the Browns. Well, I found that he was the #1 RB coming out of high school and went to Georgia where he was the SEC freshman of the year. Then he got into legal trouble, was dismissed from the team, and ended up going undrafted. 4.6 YPC at georgia, 6.0 at Alabama St, 4.3 for the Browns (with a much worse O-line). To me, the talent is there and I have to imagine that a guy with that kind of background (undrafted, minimal salary) has plenty of motivation. I, for one, wasn't at all aware of his background until I looked into it so hopefully that helps you.
  21. Zeke was let go in a keeper league I'm in. A player can be kept twice before he has to be thrown back in the pool in this one. Where does zeke stand in keeper rankings to you guys?
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