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  1. Like the move. Terry should explode in his 3rd year
  2. Would love to have him next year. Is Mack gone?
  3. Wait a minute so you mean to tell me they actually used Chubb in the passing game?
  4. Well time to find the next QB gem to draft before everyone else.
  5. I honestly think he should be the 2nd WR drafted after Adams in 2021
  6. thats why we play the game. The best team doesn't always win
  7. Yea no Gilmore, Diggs was gonna run wild
  8. Diggs has rose up to the 1st/2nd round pick for next years draft
  9. Idk If id feel comfortable having him as a WR2 but I’d take him as a WR3
  10. Well, for some of us our season is now over and looking forward to the 2021 season. 2020 was a year for the books. My takeways from this season: -Stay away from aging receivers with injury history (I'm looking at you Julio Jones) -We'll see a lot of RB/RB taken in the first 2 rounds next year. -I really hate D/ST and leaning towards doing a IDP league. What are your takeaways?
  11. Yea 2nd round sounds about right, I'd love to have him there
  12. That’s the end of my season. Sucks that i didn’t win it all. It’s been a good ride, Covid and all. See y’all in 2021. I’m out
  13. 3 straight years in the finals with 0 championships to show for it. Players coming up short when it mattered smh
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