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  1. Am I the only one thinking about dropping? Hasn’t been impressive.., 10 teamer league.
  2. Can you Gage the impact of his injury?
  3. I also have Sanders. I’m looking to package Zeek for a RB/WR combo. That’s the best offer I have received.
  4. Was just offered Melvin Gordon and Keenan Allan for my Zeek. Should I take this deal? PPR league.
  5. Who do I start? I have AJ Brown and Golladay both out. My options are Perriman, Amendola and Valdes. Out of the 3 which 2 would you start in a PPR league?
  6. In a H2H 10 team league we get to keep 5 keepers. My top 3 are locked. Who should be my final two? Acuna, Soto, Freeman are locked. Rendon, Cole, Glaybar? Which 2 should I keep?
  7. PPR league, who do I start at flex? Marvin Jones or Mike Willians?
  8. 10 team ppr league. I get to keep 2. My options are Kamara, Michael Thomas and Chubb. Kamara is a lock. I just need help with my final keeper. Thomas or Chubb? Thoughts?
  9. 10 team PPR league I get to keep 2. My options are Kamara, Thomas and Chubb. Kamara is a lock. Who should be my 2nd keeper out of these 2
  10. .5 ppr league I get to keep 2. My options are Kamara, Michale Thomas and Chubb... Kamara I’m keeling for sure. Who should be my 2nd keeper?
  11. In a 3 keepers head to head league. My 2 locked keepers are Trout, Acuña. Who should be my 3rd between Freeman and Soto? Please help.
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