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  1. Looking for Engram to score 25 which means jones scores 30... i need 55 at least
  2. If this is any sort of PPR half or full i would go with CEH or MT...
  3. I'd take CEH or Joe Burrow. I love Burrow in your format especially because he is walking in with a great situation!!
  4. Any 3 of Mixon/CEH/Ekler and let the rest of the draft fall to you.
  5. Mahomes Sutton Swift. In a 10 team $13 for Mahomes is a joke.
  6. Lamar Jackson and Geirge Kittle in the 1st one Ekler and Godwin in the 2nd one
  7. I would in fact pick up both players, Harris and Love. Drop Goff if it is a 10 team league. Def drop Scott.
  8. I am a big fan of the turn WRs in 2/3. I would go with Godwin and Goladay - though Godwin is injured so might wanna check on that first.
  9. Would you have taken Hunter Henry in the 10th anyway? if so then I would def keep him (If I had no other options, personally I would as well)
  10. Outside of Hunter Henry and Patrick Mahomes I do not think you have anyone who is a guaranteed top 10 in their position. You would need a lot to go right in order to compete.
  11. Great team barring injuries unless the injury is to Zeke. I am trying to wrap my head around your picks after round 7 which is Darius Slayton onwards. Were there really not better players there in a 12 team league for a better Flex2 and bench? Please help...
  12. 12 teams - 1 keeper 2rb 3wr 1te 1flex 1superflex
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