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  1. I'm still at a quandary whether to start Lat Murray or JT in my second RB slot. Right now I have Taylor in the slot.
  2. So I definitely start Kamara (which is what I would have probably ended up doing). The problem is do I start Lat Murray or J. Taylor in my 2nd RB slot in this standard non-ppr league. Taylor outside of 1 good week has been killing me.
  3. Can anyone help me on this Kamara problem? Please stop me from benching him this week. Paul
  4. Guys, what do we do about this Kamara situation? Even with Tayson Hill as QB, why isn't NO scheming more receiving plays for Kamara? Why are they hardly using him at all lately? I am lucky enough to own Lat Murray. We start 2 RB's in this standard CBS league. Do I start both Kamara and Lat Murray going forward? You know what will happen if I bench Kamara. My other RB option is J. Taylor who of course was out last week after one of his best showings of the season. When he comes back (assuming this week) do I start Kamara and Taylor, Kamara and Murray, or Murray and Taylor? I can see Indy doing
  5. I'm in a big money auction league, standard scoring. In the last week I lose Swift (strange practice week concussion protocol), Connor (girlfriend with Covid or something like that), and the usual Julio (damn hamstring), my 3 best players though don't know what the heck is up with Connor this season. I put in a blind bid on Hill after Gurley is out and win the bid and start him in a great matchup. He doesn't do hardly anything. I put up a decent effort despite this and of course go up against Gibson's best day ever. I lose and basically am hanging by a thread to make the playoffs. I need help
  6. Robinson, Ballage, Hurst for me also. I started Duke at Cleveland last week, big disappointment. I really like Hurst and wish I had Robinson on my team. Good luck. Paul
  7. Thanks guys for your advice. I'm going with TB12.
  8. Guys I need some big time help on this one. I'm 4-6 on the verge of elimination if I lose any of the 3 next weeks. I need to pick the right QB. That game Brady had against NO a couple weeks ago freaked me out so I started Brees over Brady last week which cost me dearly when Brees went down. Should I start Brady in a horrible matchup at home against the Rams or start Newton in a much easier matchup at the Texans? I picked Newton up for this reason as an option. I can also pick up Taysom Hill hosting Atlanta in a dream matchup but I'm very afraid that they may start Winston in place of him at th
  9. With the 25 mph sustained and potential 60 mph wind gusts in Lambeau Field today, should I bench Rodgers in favor of Brees for today? I think that Brees will have a great day at home hosting Frisco. Remember that 51-48 game last year when Frisco visited NO? What do you all think?
  10. It looks like a crap shoot for sure. Maybe I shouldn't start either and start Beasley at the Jets instead. At least I'm probably guaranteed 10 or 11 points.
  11. I have a lot of players on bye this week so must start Boston Scott tonight or McKinnon at NE Sunday ? I'm in a 12 team 1/2 point PPR league. What should I do? I'm honestly not crazy about starting either one of these dudes but need to start one of them. Thanks in advance for your advice. Paul
  12. Forum members, should I go with Burrow at Indy or pick up at $3 from the waiver wire Matty Ice at Minny? I have Brees on a bye so Burrow is my current backup. I kind of screwed up and waited too long hence Fitz and Cousins were already grabbed off the wire. What do you all think? Thanks.
  13. Forum members, I'm dying to start Julio in the big game tomorrow night but need a hedge if JJ is a game time decision and doesn't go. Should I pick up Brian Hill or Jamaal Williams for my 1/2 pt. PPR league? I'm leaning Brian right now. I need your help please. Thanks.
  14. Guys, I spent a lot of auction money on Amari Cooper. Should I bench him with Ramsey on him and start Gallup instead? Which one of these Cowboys receivers are going to shine tonight? I look forward to your advice. P.S. this is a standard scoring league (non-ppr).
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