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  1. I don't really trust either to be there in the end when games matter, but I'd lean Lowry here. What your giving up in rebounds and fg% I think you more than make up for in assists and 3's. Plus your only losing about .5 blocks per game because Zion doesn't look like the defensive beast he was in college.
  2. That's a lot of potential sitting on the wire, but I like Smart more than him so I think I would stay with your roster.
  3. I was high on Lavine this year, but still like the Booker side of this one. I also think there is probably someone better available on the wire unless you reeeeeaaally need blocks which is the only category that Jordan helps you in. His other major plus is fg%, but he's not shooting enough to make that worth anything.
  4. People are so low on Collins this year, I understand he's fighting a bit more for minutes but I think it as an overreaction to a little adjustment period.
  5. How has your team performed through the first 2 weeks? If your afloat I'd say stay the course, if you need to make up ground I would pull the trigger. Kind of a wishy washy answer, but circumstance matters a lot in this one I think.
  6. Who do you like rest of season? Morant is obviously hurt, but super fun to watch and has a stat stuffing kind of game. Turner currently top 10 in 9 cat, but I can't imagine that keeping up, but top 24? Who do you like rest of season?
  7. Great for some short term production, but I don't see him sustaining season long with so many pieces set to return.
  8. I’m not seeing it yet. Also what happens when Markkanan comes back, is his role safe?
  9. AJ Green > top 40 pick ... so yeah a ton of value.
  10. Im not that high on Penny this year, draft pedigree yes, but I think he's going to an unfavorable situation. I wouldn't be looking early, but I like the thought of pairing some rookie RB's when they provide value. Michel, Jones, Guice, Johnson, Freeman, Chubb.
  11. I'd take the Bell and Green side. Basically swapping a 6 rounder for AJ Green. I have Bell and Zeke ranked very similar.
  12. I would keep Funches over Graham personally so swap them. That's an awesome start to your wr core. Then just focus on RB with your first two picks. Any combination of Jones/Chubb/Johnson/Penny (that is my order guessing Barkley/Guice/Michel go 1-3)
  13. Update. Talks settled on Ebron and a 2019 second round pick for Henry. Liking that trade a lot. Now hopefully Ebron and Luck don't have a magical connection ... if Luck will even be able to throw "The Duke".
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