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  1. BAL/BOS and CIN/CLE in delays. Anyone know the chances of those games getting played tonight?
  2. Thanks for the weather updates, keep them coming! Nothing but sunshine and blue skies to report for SEA/TEX.
  3. Thoughts on SP eligible relievers in a league that counts holds? I like to stack my bullpen on days when I don't have a starter going and these types of guys can be very useful. I'm currently running with Ryne Stanek and Caleb Ferguson in my main league.
  4. What does anyone think about dropping CJ Cron for Ryan McMahon?
  5. Was not mad about that at all. First time having him on one of my teams and love pairing him with Acuna!
  6. I'll agree with most of what's been said already though I don't think 2B is so bad if you have both Hampson and McMahon (is he 2B eligible in your league?). Interesting that it only takes 2SP in this league, if that's the case then you're not in terrible shape. RP is always a work in progress, that's why everyone goes crazy speculating on closer jobs throughout the season. You'll need to stay proactive if jobs come available, better early than late.
  7. Not bad. What's the plan at 3B with Vlad going down? You have some questions about playing time with a decent amount of your bats so that's a concern of mine. As for starting pitching, I'd like to see less length and more strength. You have two aces in deGrom and Nola but I'd like to see one more #1 or #2, not sure if Morton is that guy or not. Bullpen will be a work in progress. Stay active on the wire, that's always the key to success!
  8. I'm with you on both of those. Flaherty went one pick before I could take him and I settled on Berrios, then Eduardo Rodriguez went one pick before I settled on Pivetta. Rotation would look so much nicer with those two guys instead of my two.
  9. Great keeper core. Tough to judge everything else too much without knowing who else was being kept but i think that offense is legit. Brantley is a bit of a concern due to the crowded Houston outfield and Buxton could pop or flop but it's an easy position to plug and play hot bats if necessary. Starting pitcher group has potential to be really really good. I like Clevinger a lot, not sure how I feel about Snell and Wheeler. Even if Snell regresses from last year's amazing season, he should still be an ace. Bullpen needs work but I like Alvarado a lot too. help with
  10. Like the offense, great infield core and outfield potential. I like Corbin and Clevinger but it drops off from there, as you know. I wouldn't mind seeing a tighter SP unit and one or two more relievers to add some stability, what's your weekly innings limit? help with mine?
  11. 12-team mixed, H2H (R/H/HR/RBI/SB/AVG/OPS) 30-inning minimum is easy to hit, I like to keep my rotation tight and use a big bullpen (W/L/SV/K/ERA/WHIP/K9/QS) 100 move limit over the season so I tried to draft some players with position flexibility. Pick number posted next to player name. C: JT Realmuto 55 (C/1B) 1B: Whit Merrifield 31 (1B/2B/OF) 2B: Max Muncy 103 (1B/2B/3B) 3B: Mike Moustakas 127 (3B, 2B coming soon) SS: Paul DeJong 199 (SS) OF: Ronald Acuna Jr 7(OF) OF: Aaron Judge 18 (OF) OF: Nomar Mazara 162 (OF) Util:
  12. just drafted Acuna Jr. at #7 and Judge at #18. can't wait for the season to start
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