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  1. Analysis from pre-season that I heard was that it was going to be minimal usage first half of the season leading to a gradual uptick in usage which meant if Ingram didn't go down early he was a drop (Gus handcuff) unless you have deep benches and could manage stashing through bye weeks. Their prediction (I think) was having the main share of the carries week 12 on. I've been able to hang on to him, but I would be looking to snag him off waivers on their bye next week for a stash and pray.
  2. Regardless of thoughts on talent or ROS production, Danny Dimes is a viable streaming option this week against Washington. Brissett has a pretty solid matchup against Oakland as well, but if Trubisky can lace the skins up for three tuddies, I'll give Danny Dimes a whirl after streaming Josh Allen against Cincy last week.
  3. Curious as to what your thoughts are pertaining to Ingram and Jackson? Injury risky or a down-tick in production? That's a pretty lucrative system for RB production
  4. I don't need to use Google to analyze formulas and scripts written by a guy with a Ph.D to know Zeurlein or Tucker will kick the ball through the big yellow poles more than most other footy kickers.
  5. Give your balls a tug and quit tip-toeing around the tulips with meek and mild insinuations and just ask! Come on, kitten - I won't bite! Making generalizations, typing in all caps, and throwing around decades of statistics which you didn't even care to share with the class - yeah, your argument has me convinced.
  6. Everyone just needs to calm down. We know all this Hines and Wilkins talk is merely a smoke screen to the imminent resurrection of our lord and savior Christine Michael.
  7. I place a much higher value on kickers than most. I see the kicker as the linchpin to close match-ups - they can drive the dagger home and seal the deal if they're capable of consistently drilling 40 and 50+ yard FGs. Zuerlein saved my bacon again last week in a narrow 6 point victory where he outscored my WR3, TE, and nearly my RB flex. As you mentioned the reason why they're not valued more is because the majority of fantasy players are sheep and blindly follow a notion that says Kicker and D last two picks because they count less towards your weekly total and it's more important to hav
  8. Cam Newton pulls an Andrew Luck and walks away from football.
  9. Yes, Cam is a drop. I've admittedly despised Cam for years now due to his cocky showboating when he's flying high and his cry baby poopy pants pouty face during the lows , but I bought in this year at his ADP. However, despite my resentment for him I couldn't help but admire the confidence he had in himself and his talent when he was in the zone. Watching him this season I see an uninspired and dejected Cam Newton that doesn't want to play football, or at least for the Panthers. I fully believe the injury is a cover for something much larger.
  10. Ding ding ding! I can boil that success down even further from an offensive line to two words; Andrew Whitworth.
  11. Excluding personal biases, you got it. One other caveat to add is in keeper formats, but it's an if and only if your roster can support the move, is switching Darwin Thompson and Justin Jackson. Andy Reid is notorious for slowly working in and capping his young RB's touches and we should see Williams usage scale back over the course of the season. This is Shady's backfield, but the split we see this week between Shady and Thompson could very well be a preview of the split we see later in the season but with Thompson leading and Shady supplementing. A lot needs to happen, but we already ch
  12. We know some RB's aren't worth handcuffing due to the offense, committee behind them, or the guy sucks and you have limited bench spots.With that being said, Kerryon should be handcuffed.Would you handcuff Saquan with Wayne Gallman? Eh...maybe?! 'Ole Wayne has been pushing Paul into irrelevance for what, two years now? If you're going to make an investment into a backfield with no clear-cut handcuff, you should be picking the player who you feel has the highest potential ceiling if Kerryon goes down for an extended amount of time. You would be lucky if Perkins were to get you 4-6 points,
  13. It should be noted for anyone looking at these names that there's two schools of thought with each warranting its own list. You have the pure handcuff/backup lottery ticket and then you have the for lack of a better terms 'contributing' handcuff/backup lottery ticket. Pure Handcuff - Here you're consideration in target player(s) should be more heavily based upon offensive scheme, scoring opportunity usage / red zone play calling, o-line blocking, and the quality of the teams defense which can dictate game-script. I'm not going to details those out, but you should get the gist - you w
  14. One thing to note in this situation that should've been in the back of everyone's mind that was looking into OJ, is Winston has historically had a connection to Cameron Brate. We saw this come to fruition already in week one with two TD's to Brate even though they were nullfied due to penalties.You can generally count on a Baltimore TE to be reasonably productive week-to-wee, and Gruden truly seems to believe in Waller and made Cook fantasy relevant last year. The main difference between these three is the pre-season hype - Howard was in that T2-ish grouping with Engram and Henry.
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