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  1. Tough call. I would make this trade offer though. Seems like a win win. Plenty of risk between Conner (can he play next week) and CMC (will they shut him down at any point). Gotta do what you gotta do to advance and at least have a shot at the 2 week final. Help me:
  2. 12 team PPR Keeper League (keep 3 players at ESPN average auction value each year) I'm either looking at the #2 seed or the #4 or 5 seed, depending on if I win or lose in week 13. Question: Trade Godwin to the owner of Austin Eckler (who is now out of playoff contention)? Although Godwin appears to have greater keeper value from the sites I've seen, I think Eckler will give me a better chance at title run this year... and he's a possible keeper in his own right. Only risk I see is if Julio's hamstring shuts him down during fantasy playoffs, then I'm stuck with
  3. That price is probably a little steep. Let him back into the pool and you may be able to win him back for a lower price... and/or target an alternate combination of High/mid end RB's Help me please:
  4. I agree with you that you should acquire Chubb. Will be great for this year, and next year when Hunt likely ends up on new team. if you can get Chubb for $30, that would be awesome. That would leave you still with a healthy budget to go get another upper-mid RB, or perhaps splash to get CEH, or get top tier WR to pair with Godwin. I think you're logic is solid. Help me:
  5. I'd go with Aaron Jones and Mostert.... amazing value at the position of greatest demand. Help me:
  6. 12 team, PPR, 3-Keeper, Auction league ($200 budget). We get to keep up to 3 Keepers, at the cost of ESPN's current Auction values. My current possible Keepers of relevance on my team from last year: Aaron Jones ($44), Julio($36), Godwin($35), Lockett($22), David Johnson($20). ESPN's values skew RB prices to be higher than all other sites auction calculators, but all the top RB's are likely to be kept by their owners as they are still cheaper than when they are bid up during the live auction. > QUESTION: Please rank your favorite trio, at their
  7. If you can get Kupp/KJ i'd probably do that trade. But I agree with the first reply saying that you'd get alot more value if you waited for Evans or Josh Gordon to have a big game first. Both have low ROI right now. I also see much bigger games for zeke in the future.
  8. Tough call, but i think i'd do it. You'll definitely increase your WR production, but i'm assuming your Flex now goes from Kerryon to Ridley or Fuller. But you can just play the best weekly matchups at flex.
  9. Honestly, I wouldn't stick my neck out for the trade unless the additional trade with Evans was done. Coming off of a 0 week, Evans will likely not return adequate value. You need him to have a good game (or two) first... then deal him. If you really think another owner will give you KJ for him, and you're risk taker... give it a whirl. I'd player it safer though.
  10. I agree with the group. Shoot for the stars first, but make that trade to shore up your WR situation. Help me:
  11. CMC and Julio would be nice, but you're leaving yourself too thin at RB. CMC is absolutely crushing it, but Cook is no slouch and Zeke's numbers will continue to grow as the season goes on. I'd pass on this option... unless you have another trade in position to pull the trigger that brings you another starting RB. Help me:
  12. Yes. Sometimes a trade seems too good to be true. This is not one of those. Make the trade. Help me:
  13. Tough call. Depth is nice, but adding Godwin would appear to boost the upside of your Starting lineup . I'd make the trade... but by a small margin. help me:
  14. 12 Team PPR. Keeper league (can keep up to 3 players annually) My team (usual starters in BOLD) QB: Goff RB: David Johnson, A. Jones, Shady, R. Freeman, T. Cohen, WR: OBJ, C. Godwin, T. Lockett, M. Gallup, MVS I was offered the following trade options involving Julio. Which option is best for me? 1) GET Julio Jones + James Conner. GIVE: Aaron Jones 2) GET: Julio Jones + James Conner. GIVE: David Johnson 3) GET Julio Jones + Sony Michel. GIVE: OBJ 4) Do nothing Leave Link. Thanks!
  15. I'd definitely like to keep Hill for his keeper potential... but if Darrel creeps to top of KC backfield either by performance or by others injury... could be a league winner. Only other players I could drop are: Royce Freeman, Tarik Cohen, MVS, Michael Gallup.
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