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  1. you really think the packers are going to lose to the lions next week? i'm as big a homer as they come but the vikings are not taking the north this year.
  2. I think a lot of this will depend on if the Rams lose to the 49ers this weekend. Vikings will secure a playoff spot if they do, thus increasing the likelihood for Cook to sit.
  3. Going to be scary without Evans or Godwin but I don't think most people can hop off this train now...
  4. Andrew Luck... if you can afford the free space, who know's what could happen in the offseason.
  5. Seems like CHI has taken the reigns off Mitch. Going to mean more INT's but should increase volume for ARob.
  6. From what the coaches and Dalvin himself is saying, he will play. However, I'd guess the Vikings get up early by halftime and Dalvin sits the second half. You have to play him, but it's not an ideal situation.
  7. He's the WR8 on the year, coming off of two floor weeks with a QB returning that made him ball out the first half of the season. WTF are ya'll talking about?
  8. Defense is playing lights out against the run and vulnerable against the pass, only helping the likelihood of shootouts occuring.
  9. you need to factor in that Darnold wasn’t playing in half those games.
  10. Hopefully it's the last time he throws the ball this season.
  11. Y'all really think Foles is going to get the start?
  12. He averaged 5.1 yards per carry and had 6 targets. Who the hell is talking about cutting him or benching him? The offense is going to run through him.
  13. Thoughts on Hill being out effect on Kelce? More targets + more coverage?
  14. Josh Gordon is a criminal and a thug? I guess reading your interests under your profile name explains a lot....
  15. One thing that I believe will help is a likely regression to the bears defense. Defenses like what they had last year are rarely duplicated, and Vic leaving certainly doesn't help.
  16. Title says it all. Do I drop Hooper for Delanie Walker? Do I drop Miles Sanders for Darwin Thompson? Breida and Pollard are also available. On my bench I have Pettis, G. Allison, or Emmanuel Sanders. Drop any of them for those two? Thanks! WHIR!
  17. Worth adding that the Vikes now have Kubiak implementing a zone blocking scheme and the vikings spent a 1st rounder on OL. IF Cook goes down this guy could ball.
  18. Full point PPR League. Right now I have: AJ Green Adam Thielen Tyreek Hill - Flex. I have Marvin Jones, Devin Funchess, and Josh Gordon on the bench. I really want to find a way to get Marvin Jones into the lineup but I'm not sure I can do it. Any insight is appreciated, Thanks!
  19. While you're right that Keenum has thrown many passes that should have been interceptions, GTFO with the second part. Look at the teams the Vikings have beaten. They aren't a fluke.
  20. Could’ve had a much bigger day if not for some flags and overturned calls.
  21. Been a fan of this guy since he became a Vike. It’s amazing what a decent OL can do.
  22. Didn't get a chance to watch the game yesterday, anything promising for his outlook?
  23. Barring an injury I don't see him being more than a significant boom/bust WR4.
  24. Maybe I'm overreacting but the Vikings first team O looked ATROCIOUS against the niners and that offensive line was pure garbage. As a Vikings fan I've always learned to temper expectations.
  25. He looked good. Only thing holding this guy back is an injury. No reason why he can't hit last years numbers.
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