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  1. Thanks man. I really like the 3rd round reversal on nfbkc. It really helps to even the field. Wish yahoo did it.
  2. Hey man, could you post the results of each round? I'm curious to see where guys are getting drafted this early
  3. The laziness of Yahoo is what pisses me off. They could have come out from the beginning with a disclaimer and said, "Hey guys, just to let you know, in case the NBA season is actually over and doesn't resume or comes back in a limited capacity, we are going to issue all players refunds due to legal regulations." But instead, we're just left completely in the dark for 3 months thinking to ourselves, okay maybe Yahoo is working on a fair and just way of working out final standings and payouts. But no, they just hang us out to dry after 3 months and are like; "Welp, sorry guys. That's all we ca
  4. I feel like KG has a more diverse skill set and would fit better in today's game than Tim would; but damn, Duncan just finds a way to always win while quietly dominating the game and making all the right plays down the stretch of clutch games.
  5. I agree. I'd say for the most part, considering games played and how close the standings were, the top 3 teams would split the total pot. Teams with ridiculous amounts of games played (like 50-100 gp more than the average team) shouldn't be rewarded as the top team.
  6. I would agree with this if the number of games played for all the teams were equal but since they're not, I don't think it's that simple.
  7. This can't be how it ends man I literally just got my entire team healthy for the first time lol.
  8. Yeah he has right at 100 more games played than me and he's approaching the max games played for each position already. Would suck to lose to someone just because they started players more games and didnt keep track of the gp limit.
  9. The problem with this (in roto leagues) is that in some leagues, some teams who are in 1st are just there because the owners have nearly maxed out all of their games played. I'm in 1 league where a guy has played 100 more games than me and I'm in 2nd place. That's bs to dedicated owners like us who have carefully paid attention to games played and worked diligently all season through trades/waiver wire, only to lose to someone who mindlessly starts every player every game. There's no easy solution imo. Sucks.
  10. Lol yeah i should have mentioned that the first time. But yeah I hope they pick back up and play an 82 game season but it just seems highly unlikely at this point. We shall see.
  11. I meant to add that this is if the NBA shortens the regular season (which I think they would) Yahoo should reduce the max number of games.
  12. Yeah I just cant see anyway this can work out. There are teams in some of my leagues that have already maxed out their games played in some positions. Even if the season re-opens, Yahoo will have to reduce the games played max which means they would have to take away games played from teams who are maxed out, which I just cant see them doing. If they don't do that and allow teams who are already maxed out to keep all of their accumulated stats, then that will just give a blatant advantage to them. Ending the fantasy season now is unfair because of said games played advantages. So un
  13. I have to disagree on the pre-ranks, they are pretty spot on I think. And there aren't any egregious ranks like a mid round guy in the 200s or something, from what I've seen.
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