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  1. As a phillies fan I love the exuberance he brings to playing, but not anything else. It always feels like he is about to return to form, and then just disappointment.
  2. When they're in the best shape of their lives 🙄
  3. Tanaka is going to Japan. Phillies will have the same problems as last year, score a lot of runs, give up even more. JT is a fantastic player, but like others have said, will be way over drafted.
  4. The Seahawks won that draft. Even Luck is gone. It really is a crapshoot.
  5. I'm beyond worried. Dude always seems to be banged up.
  6. We should vote Ellis in tho, he his drugs were performance decreasing. Rimshot.
  7. That is a lot of weight fluctuation in a short time. I'd worry about either lost power, or he's on gear trying to maintain his strength while cut
  8. Baseball reference has him as a CAREER 5.1 war guy with negative last year. Fangraphs has him as slightly positive. Which one is the end all be all stay I always get confused....
  9. On the some card forums people were comparing his swing to that of Babe 🙄. He is one of those players way more popular than good.
  10. He had an "agreement in principle" and he thought it was a done deal. Turns out lakers front office had to ask ownership, and during the several hours Dwight was out of the loop he basically said 'eff it's, and went to 76ers.
  11. Listening to his interviews it legit sounds like he doesn't even like basketball and he is here simply because he can be. Didn't he even say if nfl called he would bounce in a heartbeat? Dudes going to get a paycheck and disappear, I'm not even sure if he has Bynum potential. Really boring draft, especially after all the trade hype by espn/social media.
  12. NVM I see 9thers have called out the absurdity of this insane spread.
  13. At least the Rsox got beneath the luxury tax, right?
  14. Yeah, its more a fact that a lot of QBs have really bad contracts because the teams had no other options.
  15. And almost double to TDs on significantly less receptions, yet the same yards. Can you imagine if Rice caught 125 balls a season?!
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