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  1. Bruh. Conner: 117.3 for an average of 14.66 Robinson: 151.5 for an average of 18.94 Conner is overall ppr 12rb and JRob is 4th. Conner has played NYG, Denver, Houston, Philly, Browns, Titans, Ravens, Dallas JRob has played Indy, Titans, Miami, Bengals, Texans, Lions, Chargers, Texans Your take is horrible and you should be ashamed. Also, you can’t say he’s trash in one post and the next suggest trading him for a top 3rb with essentially waiver fodder thrown in. Dude has all the volume in the world and in fantasy that’s all that matters
  2. 12 Team Full Ppr. Traded Lamar Miller and Amari Cooper for Alvin Kamara and Randall Cobb. Team below QB: Dak RB: Alvin Kamara (Lamar Miller) RB: Doug Martin WR: Antonio Brown WR: Randall Cobb (Amari Cooper) TE: Jordan Reed Flex: Ameer Abdullah Bench: RB: Wendell Smallwood, Latavius Murray WR: Devin Funchess, Tyrell Williams
  3. Giants may have the worst line in football. Collins, to me, looked like the best Ravens running back today. Edited: Well obviously he looked like the best 9 for 82. But he has far superior speed to Allen and West.
  4. Tough one, I'd go Miller. As you said, Big Ben doesn't have the best road splits and he's also better in later games. This should be a game for Brown as well. Thanks for the help on mine!
  5. Pick two at RB and one for flex. WHIR Pick 2: Ameer Abdullah, Chris Carson or Lamar Miller Flex: One of the above or Jamison Crowder
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