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  1. Well wasn’t a complete dud but still been really disappointing. Really good matchup next week against Oakland, but starting to think I’d rather go with D Jax over him
  2. I have an IR spot so I just put him there. If you don’t, then yes. Drop him
  3. I like him in half PPR or full PPR leagues. Gives you an emergency option if one of your RBs get hurt. Obviously very game flow dependent, but feel like skins will be trailing most of the time
  4. My full expectation is that Shady will dominate much of the early downs since he’s the better runner but Damien will continue to have a receiving back role and should continue to get the goaline work. I feel like both players need each other to keep the other fresh. We gotta remember two things. 1) McCoy is 31 years old. I highly doubt Reid will just force feed him the ball all the time. 2) Damien has never shown he’s a RB who can touch the ball 300+ times.
  5. You really think Williams will be worthless to a 31 year old cut by the Bills? No way. Williams will continue to be a low end RB2 as long as he’s healthy. Shady isn’t the same Shady anymore. He needs help
  6. Chiefs brought in Shady to provide relief to Damien. Anybody that knows Damien Williams as a football player understands that he’s not a Bell, Barkley, type running back. He needs somebody to help him carry the load. How many carries and red zone looks Shady gets is the question obviously. I still think Damien will provide RB2 numbers in this offense. It’s way too dynamic and the chiefs will still make sure he gets 12-15 touches a game. However, if Shady is stealing a ton of goaline carries, then it might push Damien more to a low end RB2.
  7. I’m hoping LA is playing hard ball and will eventually lower their asking price. What benefit is it to them to keep this distraction going? Just trade the guy for a 2nd rounder and move on.
  8. Gotta love having both him and OBJ on the same team. What was I thinking?
  9. The Hock vs Waller debate is a fair one, but I just have a hard time believing Jesse James will get in the way. He will probably be in for more blocking situations but im confident that Hock is the team’s unquestioned receiving TE.
  10. Feeling meh about it but please let me know. Obviously RB and TE are my biggest weaknesses. QB: Rodgers RB1: Kerryon Johnson RB2: Cohen WR1: Hopkins WR2: OBJ TE: Doyle FLEX: Diggs Bench: Tevin Coleman L. Murray Desean D. Henderson Andrews (TE Ravens) Brady Ronald Jones
  11. I’m picking 6th in PPR draft and I think I’m going with Bell assuming first 5 are the 4 elite RBs and then Hopkins. Bell vs Adams is a tough call for me, but I just think Bell is going to be a high end RB1 this year. I get that he’s in a worse situation than in Pitt, but I don’t think the jets offense will be that bad. Plus, look what Barkley did last year on a terrible Giants team. It could be dump off galore and the Jets I think are an improving offense
  12. Really surprised that you were able to get Hopkins at 9 in full PPR. That’s a steal!
  13. I like it. I will be facing a similar situation since I’m drafting 6th in 12 team PPR as well.
  14. As the title states, I have the 6th pick. I’m a little torn on what I should do. I figured Barkley, Kamara, Mcaff, and Hopkins will be off the board. Zeke probably will too since it seems like a new contract is coming up. So that leaves the following guys left: 1) Adams 2) Julio 3) Bell 4) Johnson 5) Thomas 6) Connor I feel like taking a WR here is the safer move at 6. BUT, I’m a little worried about finding a RB I trust at 19. I feel like best case scenario a RB like Cook falls there, but even he obviously has huge injury risks. I like the WRs at end of the
  15. Started Lamar Miller and Allen. Benched Damien Williams
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