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  1. I'm a Herro believer so I'd stay put. Fox and Siakam are pretty similar in a points league IMO. Mine: https://edge-forums.nbcsports.com/topic/837534-kyriecovington-for-beal-keeper-league-whir-100/
  2. I'd stay put. In any other year I'd pull the trigger but the difference between Sexton and Bazley far outstrips Vuce/KAT from what they've shown this far. But even if Vuce regresses to LY, I have concerns/doubts about where KAT is at mentally with how bad this year has been for him. I'm staying away in general. Mine: https://edge-forums.nbcsports.com/topic/837534-kyriecovington-for-beal-keeper-league-whir-100/
  3. Not in a standard 10 team - maybe Draymond depending on the categories you need but I'm sure you can find better. Mine: https://edge-forums.nbcsports.com/topic/837534-kyriecovington-for-beal-keeper-league-whir-100/
  4. I'd do it for all 3. Boucher is a high-potential player but for this year, Jamal + Tatum > Jamal + Boucher. For all 3 maybe.
  5. Wouldn't trade Jokic away for this package - if you can get more than murray, maybe. Thanks for the help on mine.
  6. Would you trade Kyrie + Covington for Beal? My team #1 in the Conference right now but I'm worried about Kyrie's injury/rest history in play-offs and am wondering if it makes sense to get a younger stud in Beal while Kyrie is putting up numbers.
  7. I'd keep Cole Anthony, Magic don't have many playmakers and he'll be put in situations to succeed given Fultz's injury. Between Griffin and Dortz, Dortz is performing better but Griffin has higher upside. If you were to drop Griffin I think more casual owners would pick him up out of sheer brand name so if you're prepared to say good bye, Dortz is the better asset right now. If you believe Griffin will turn it around (biggest concern for me is FG), then hold onto him and drop Dortz but I think with injury history/how he's performed this year/Grant's emergence, this might be it for him fro
  8. I have Siakam higher than Sexton. Siakam is playing the worst he can right now and still gets great assists from the PF spot. Sexton is still young and will likely go through struggles from a FG perspective and depending on how Cleveland plays with the rotation. This is a sell low spot for Siakam for sure. I see his rebs/assists being around the same but in the low 20s point wise with better FG%. Try and get a better PG now or wait until Siakam is performing even better and sell him for more if you really want to get rid of Siakam. Thanks your reply on mine.
  9. Hey, Was offered Rishaun Holmes for my Julius Randle in 12 team H2H 9-cat I need the help in stocks/percents/TO's and am punting assists so feel pretty good about it but wanted to see if anyone has any red flags? I haven't watched any Kings games but I think with Knicks Randle is a risk given how many minutes he plays. Thx.
  10. Who would you be dropping to receive Wiggins/Walker? If Morant vs. Shai, I think it's close but I consider them interchangeable assets (although I might have kept him just because I'm a huge Morant stan for the reasons you listed) but with the others it blows it away. Good trade for Morant/Randle btw and thanks for your help.
  11. Toughest thing for me is not knowing what the 2nd half schedule looks like - obviously fantasy playoff games will come into play here. Whoever has more playoff games would probably sway me but it's pretty even. I think CP3 will get better as the season progresses like the above people mentioned and he'll be closer to last year's stat line, so if you need assists/steals, he's better. But Murray is less likely to get rested because of his age, and esp if there are seeding considerations IMO. I'd keep Murray for the time being unless you really need the bump in assists/steals. MINE:
  12. I would take it as well - Ayton will do better. Porz will get rested sporadically coming off that injury. Best case scenario for both players is around the same IMO with Porz having a slight edge but not worth the injury risk esp during playoffs. MINE:
  13. I would trade for Ayton 100%. He's playing the worse that he can right now - he'll likely turn it around (I think both he and CP3 will play better as the team gels). With a PG like CP3, he'll have easier offensive options. I think Jarrett Allen tops out at around a prime-DeAndre Jordan and with that situation, I'd rather have Ayton. MINE:
  14. Keep wall or trade him to someone else - he's older/coming off an injury but he has something to prove and has been able to rest for a while. Both Lopez and Oubre have been playing meh. If you want either I think you can offer something else. MINE:
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