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  1. In any other organization maybe. But the Pirates will say he needs more seasoning if he doesn't sign a 10 year $45 million contract first.
  2. That's post-TJS Does anyone know if he's changed his pre game warmups at all? In highschool I know he did long tosses.
  3. Every only league I play in lets you keep the player if they are traded during the season. You just can't trade them and if they're dropped, they're gone. And since players can be traded too the leauge, it makes waiver priority or FAAB worth more. But I like only leagues since I can play in 10 or 12 man redrafts with people I know from other leagues instead of having to fill up a league to 20 or 24. Good luck finding 24 owners who will stay active all season long in a redraft league.
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